About this site

Welcome to the blog for Art 1100! The posts on this blog come from current and former students of Art 1100 at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois as well as friends of the blog who love art and want to be part of an ongoing discussion about art. All students enrolled in the current semester of Art 1100 are asked to write at least one blog post about a work of art they find interesting. Art can be found anywhere: in a museum, gallery, art fair, private collection, public library, public courtyard, museum collection online, artist’s studio, artist’s website, even graffiti in an alley. Classmates and friends of the site are encouraged to comment; answering the questions posed, or asking more questions and taking the conversation in another direction. Blog entries are catalogued by medium, genre, and subject. If you come across a work of art, in the digital realm or in the flesh, that you’d like to start a conversation about, please get in touch about submitting a guest post, and please feel free to comment on current student submissions—we’d love for you to be a part of our conversation.

image credit: Honore Daumier, Le Public du Salon, 1852, lithograph


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