Chicago Blackhawks


I have always had a love for sports especially the Chicago Blackhawks. This picture is from when the Chicago Blackhawks had their parade. There are people as far as you can see. The park is completely full. People were lined up for hours just to be there for this event. I actually attended this parade and the convention where the players went on stage. This picture was taken at the parade and these are all the people who attended to support the Chicago Blackhawks after they won the Stanley Cup in 2013. I have always been a blackhawks fan and i love the color contrast in these pictures. I also love the city of Chicago and seeing the background of the city just made me fall in love with this picture. We have such a great city and this picture captured the beauty of it. The clouds are perfectly arranged and spaced out and adds to the beauty of this photo.

I also love the fact that all you can see is white and red the Chicago Blackhawks colors. The city in the background is also simply amazing. There is so much going on in this picture. This leads to one of my questions should we support our sports teams as much as we do. In addition is sports photography a type of artwork? I feel that it is and look at all these people and how happy they are. The Blackhawks have fans all over the country. Also the picture is something that will always be a part of the history of hockey. This parade and event captured a great season and a winning season that brought the city together. There are so many different people there. Also I liked the confetti falling out of the sky in the second picture. Photographs capture history and we can look back and remeber what happened. Im one of the biggest Chicago Blackhawks fans out there and this event was the best day of my life. I was able to see the Stanley Cup and be apart of this celebration. Many people will never have this opportunity but I was able to.

My questions for you are.

  1. Is sports photography a type of art work?
  2. Does photography have to capture an event to be considered artwork?
  3. Do we over hype accomplishments such as championships?
  4. Should sports photography have a place in artwork?

Christopher Werr


The Multiple Faces of Automotive Art

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When it comes to art, art can be known for anything! Particularly speaking, photography. Instead of picking any kind of photography i decided to throw in a part of me into this. Cars have always been a huge part of my life and a passion. Cars are art! I say car are art because although it may be in most cases expensive cars give out a big chunk of who we are and our personality. For example I own two cars. A Cadillac cts 07 and then a Nissan 350z 03. Its interesting to show that both cars bring out a part of me and who i am. My Cadillac is all blacked out with a hint of pink. I love pink because I’m most definitely a girly girl. Then again I have a blue 350z because i also love blue. Which shows my tom boy side as well. What i did with my 350z was interesting because the body is blue but the rims are yellow which are complementary colors. Complementary colors are used to stand out, something i intended to do. My Cadillac shows my more of a simple or basic side of me having a black body, black rims, and tinted out windows. Aside from my cars i also love taking pictures of other cars too. Car photography is especially important form of art because its not always the car but its how you take the picture. Your shot can depend on lighting, angle, and back ground! A lot of people beg to differ about the fact that cars are art because you didn’t physically make these cars or car parts. It is although fact that anything can be art no matter what it is. Art is a passion. Cars are my passion. Aside from how a car looks another aspect about automotive art is also how it preforms. Just like how a art utensil is used to make art. Some cars race other cars drift. Racing is depended upon the engine and can be accelerated with turbo or boost. Drifting is depended upon the driver and how that driver turns the wheels to go side ways. My last example is the beauty and variety’s of art. For example, we have the BMW e30 89 which is a boxy type body frame and obviously is an older car. This car isn’t quite the eye catcher but the performance it brings upon a drift track is outstanding. Then we have a Nissa 240sx also not the best looking but its one of the most used drifting vehicles. Finally we get to the real and true beauty of it all. Its like the mona lisa for us car enthusiasts. The Nissan gtr skyline and the Toyota Mk4 Supra. Everything about these two cars give us enthusiast goose bumps. Some add there own color and taste to their cars and then others keep it simple and clean. What ever it is whether your cars old or new, black or blue, different or simple, it still shows you. This is something to me that i call art and what i think is artistic to me. Just because its not a sculpture or painting doesn’t mean its not art. Art can be anything we want it to be that’s the real true beauty of this subject.
How do you think auto-motives are seen as art?
Is automotive art only seen on the outside of the car?
Can automotive art be seen through performance of the vehicle?
Nicole Pervan

Art Road Hands Sunset Motorcycle


I have always been crazy about motorcycles and the thrill of the ride. This painting represents how bikers feel on the open road when its just you, and GOD.  I have a Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle and this painting reminds me of when I ride either alone or with my MC. The artists name was not displayed for this painting but the colors and detail he or she used to design this painting are excellent.  Even if you do not ride you at least get an idea of what it could feel like and how beautiful the sunset is when your just out in the open. I believe the artist wanted everyone to be moved by this painting and in doing so made it very realistic and with feeling. I really love this painting and before I chose this I looked at a lot of different paintings that had motorcycles and people riding them. But this one captured the ride within art and I think that is amazing. I never really was an art person and I’m still not but I know when I see something I like and or something that moves me.  The artist makes it look like the road never ends. The vanishing line separates the ground from the heavens in this painting. And if you look very closely you can see the same line in the rearview mirrors on the bike itself.  This gives another indication that the biker has been riding for a while. And this painting also ilistrates that this road is more of a dirt road not a highway. Taking this art class was a good thing for me because it helps me pay attention to detail a lot more. When you look at a picture or painting and your not really into art you tend to focus on just what is in front of you. You do not look around you or look for little details but since I have been in this class I will never look at pictures or paintings the same way again.

  •  Why do you think the artist used a sunset for this painting?
  • The bike this shown looks like an older model. Why do you think the artist chose to use and older model instead of a newer model?
  • Do you think the artist was trying to get you to feel anything with this painting?

Michael Almodovar

Ally by the Lake

Alley by the Lake

I always thought that art was not a “thing” of mine that I’d be interested in. I knew of its contents, and I just didn’t quite value it as much as others have. Until, last semester I had taken an Introduction to Humanities class and we brushed upon popular artists and art pieces.
Within, that class I was amazed at how a painting could capture a soul, tell a story and inspire not just an audience but an artist as well. I chose this painting by Leonid Afremov because I absolutely love this piece! I feel like I am able to relate to this romance and the colors, definition and creativeness that Leonid uses. I believe it brings a sense of reality and comfort in this piece. The usage of reflections is what brought my attention to enjoy this painting, because of the transparent colors he uses. I feel as though I am walking right behind the couple, enjoying the breeze and calmness of the evening.
Paintings done by Leonid Afremov have been described as some of the most colorful paintings in history. As with most of Leonid’s paintings, he is best known for his techniques using a palette knife and oil paints to craft his intense scenes. First coated in 2007, “Ally by the Lake” is an acrylic painting and was made from natural oil paints onto a cotton canvas.
This piece illustrates a male and female joined together under an umbrella taking a walk near a lake. The leaves on the trees such as yellow, orange and red are used to indicate that it is fall weather and the lake next to the couple appears to be a lighter baby blue to display that the atmosphere is calm as the two couples appear to be moving gracefully. The curved lines of the human bodies represent movement because they are in motion as this painting was drawn. This is meant to give a realistic view of how humans walk. I think that this is what captures me the most, the way that Afremov tried to create a representation of a realistic event. I enjoyed how Afremov used every inch of the canvas because it makes the piece seem positive and open. I noticed that the artist used what is known as the vanishing point perspective, near the end of the ally to show that the couple are meant to be distantly walking. Overall, I was startled by the earthly heights of the light poles and trees because what I found in this piece, was a way that I could sync with my emotions freely and feel as if this painting takes me there.

Additional information:

1. Is there significance to the colors the artist used? Does each color serve a purpose to create this piece?
2. What does this painting portray to you? Why would the artist show this scene to an audience?
3. Is there an emotional attachment to this piece?

Cynthia Guzman

Picture of Dorian Gray; Grotesquery is beauty?


I’ve always been interested in the story of Dorian Gray, a classic novel written in 1891 by Oscar Wilde features the story of Dorian Gray, who commissions a portrait of himself as an attractive young man and who sells his soul for an ever-young visage. As he continues his life he becomes more and more corrupt and evil, his portrait reflecting his true nature as time goes on, with his flesh aging and rotting and all things beautiful in the painting become grotesque.
This portrait was painted by Ivan Albright in 1943-4 and was commissioned as a piece to be featured in the movie adaptation of Wilde’s book. Though the movie was shot in black and white, Albright decided to use vivid colors in his painting to get across the truly horrifying nature of the changes. The picture currently hangs in the Art institute of Chicago
The picture itself follows the classical format of the wealthy aristocrat who has hired an artist to depict the commissioner in the best light possible, and at first, at the beginning of the story, the portrait depicts a beautiful young man in his prime. As time goes on, however, the portrait is warped into its current form. The colors of the piece become synonymous with rust and decay. The coloration is indicative of rusting iron, or bruising flesh, the desaturated reds and spots of gradations to the cooler colors making it seem like the painting is becoming bruised and battered.
However, it isn’t just the colors that indicate the ‘rotting’ nature of the painting. The walls are shown to having peeling wallpaper, the carpet becomes crumpled and stained, the wooden table next to Dorian has rotted and chipped. Dorian himself has aged and become stricken with blisters and boils, even his right hand has become damaged, his fingers splayed unnaturally with flesh and tendons showing. His clothes have become torn and weathered.
But beyond all this the thing that shows the most warped nature of the painting is the reality bending, almost Lovecraftian hallucinations involved in the painting. The once plain and flat background become warped, images of strange creatures and half-seen figures reach out and bubble up beneath the surface of the painting.
All of these things lead the viewer to become disgusted with the image, and yet…cannot look away. This is painting is considered by some to be Ivan Albrights greatest painting for the fact hat the viewer simply cannot look away. Part of this is Albright’s great ability to add huge amounts of detail to a painting force the user to search for every boil and blemish, every fold of flesh, every single intricacy depicted in the portrait. This plays on one of the most interesting facets of human psychology; the fascination with the grotesque. This phenomenon, the inability to look away from something horrific, is a common aspect of human nature, and Albright uses it brilliantly in this painting.
I was originally drawn to this piece when I first saw it in person at the Art Institute of Chicago, without context was both repulsed by it and fascinated by it. I did some research on the painting’s origin.
While the painting itself is fantastic, there are some things I’ve yet to understand about it fully; though Dorian does look aged and haggard, the proportions on his right arm seem to be a bit short in comparison to his left arm. And while he is supposed to be decrepit and aging, his arched back seems to be at odds with his left hand, his hand not lining up with where the sleeve seems to suggest it’d be. Despite the minor physical proportion quibbles, which may after all just be indicative of further ‘warping’ by Albright, I still find the piece to be at once and paradoxically beautiful and grotesque.


1.) What do you think about Dorian’s expression in this piece is meant to convey?
2.) How does the lack of a unified sense of color effect the piece?
3.) What is the significance of Albright’s choice to bend the perspective in certain parts of the painting?

Matthew Moon

Who would have known ART tasted so good!

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One of my first jobs as a teenager was working at a chocolate store making tiny chocolates, fudge and caramel apples.  One doesn’t realize the art factor when it comes to making eye popping, delightful, colorful chocolates.  We just pop those delicious treats right into our mouths.  We take for granted the various, beautiful and articulate designs our chocolate comes in.  Well take it from one who knows the amount of time and patience it takes to make that one beautiful piece of chocolate, that chocolate can easily be called an art form!  Various types of mediums also go into making chocolate, for example balloons, paint brushes, airbrush tools, molds and many more.  There are many terms as well that are used in the chocolate making world that are very similar to other types of art such as: sculpting, painting, molding and shaping.  One would not usually first think of art when chocolate comes to mind but if you haven’t already the pictures associated with this blog tell another story.  The time and effort that I personally put into making these chocolates takes skill, time and a lot of patience.  One of my first projects was to create and all around edible chocolate bowl of mouse for a nearby restaurant.    Using our creativeness we creates a elaborate flower shaped bowl that held the chocolate mouse as well as tiny 3D flower shapes to sprinkle on top.  After creating our special made dessert, it was then that I realized that making chocolate was more than just for eating.  We had begun creating art that tasted so delectable!  I guess you could say this wouldn’t be a form of art that would last very long when it taste so good!

Fallon Piraro

Nail Art

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Ever since I can remember I have always loved to do my nails. I would love to take my mom’s nail polish and just do my nails. As I got older I would never leave my house without my nails being done. I have long nails so I never really had to go to the nail salon to get my nails done. It wasn’t until I was in high school that everyone was getting their nails done at salons. So I decided to finally go get my nails done. I fell in love will all the nail art, from having zebra print to having all my nails sparkling. There is so much art nail from having a Christmas tree on your nails to having a minion or 3D nail art like bows or flowers. There are also different types of nails you can get. You can get acrylic nails or gel nails. You can also get a regular nail manicure or you can get no chip nails. The difference between a regular manicure and a no chip manicure is that the no chip uses the nail polish that gel nails use. That nail polish can last you up to three weeks or more. I personally like to get acrylic nails. They last me about two weeks. Then I go get a refill. There is a show that recently just started airing called Nail’d It and nail artist compete to see who can design the best nails. People do some really cool 3d nail art that you couldn’t imagine. They have made a tree on a nail to 3d candy to having 3D fantasy art, a bride wear a bouquet on her nails. I wouldn’t be surprise to see more crazy nail art in the future.

  • Do you think nail stylists are really artists?
  • Do you think people over do their nails?
  • Do you consider nail art real art?

Maria Valdez