Masonry Art

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Masonry is a cult, a group of people that believe that the human race is not perfect and needs to be perfected. They believe that the human race can be pushed forward and be enlightened to knew things as well. Masonry is a group of people that are in search for knowledge or as they call it be “enlightened”. It is also a very secretive organization were people swear an oath to not tell anyone what goes on in the organization. It is a very complicated organization.  A mix of many religions across the world. In the group no one is allowed to mention their God’s name. In the group when the god of their religion is mentioned they must mention him as “the architect of the universe” and in these organizations they understand that knowledge is power which is why people have a ranks depending on how mature they are and how much they know. Ranks are known as a “degree”. 33 degree is the highest rank. The reason why they are ranked as degree is because they believe in the symbolism of alchemy. That one day a scientist will find a way to turn lead into gold, that lead being boiled 33 degrees in chemicals will make it happen, and many have failed doing this, because there is a formula to it. From nothing to value. It is only symbolism although some people take it literally.  What it really means is that as people rank up in the group they eventually can get to the 33rd degree, which is enlightenment. That is why the pyramid with the eye at the top is an iconic symbol for this group of people. The higher the rank, the harder it gets to get to the top. People in the 33rd degree are mostly all unknown million airs that through their lifetime have contributed to the group in a very outstanding way. The group itself is a bit scary sometimes as well, it does have some very, very creepy things. They are not allowed to share information with others and there is circles within circles in the group as well. Penalty for sharing information to others is treason to the group and death is the punishment. That is why many rumors spread about a celebrities’ death or a singer being tied to this group. It is like CIA classified information. Masons are a huge fan of symbols in art, symbols can mean a lot of things and mostly is personal to ones self. You would have to think the same as them to understand its means as it has many variations like culture, belief, and creativity and can be mistaken for another meaning. For example an upside down 5 pointed star is a common satanic symbol, but to them it can mean something else, like a god, a symbol of perfection, or power, religion, astrology. Another example, and for astrology, naming planets from roman gods, almost similar to greek gods. Jupiter because of its huge size is the king of the planets. Zeus known as jupiter in ancient rome was given that name to that planet. A lot of people in american history have been masons especially when young america was going through a revolution such as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson to name a few. Mason symbols/art are very common, its in american money, and government buildings.

Misael Perez Sanchez