La Virgen De Guadalupe

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                The piece of art I chose is La Virgen De Guadalupe.  I chose this piece of art because when I see her it honestly took my breath way.  I am a believer in the Catholic faith and do go to church on a regular basics, so for me seeing that picture it just kind of touched me in a way I didn’t expect it too.  Like that art work actually talked to me.  It was actually a gift to my grandmother one of her students had gave it to her when they came back from Mexico.  I had actually found it in a room that I moved my things in when moving back home from Texas.  Honestly to me that piece of art, the Saint “Queen of Mexico” spoke to me and told me ‘coming home for a little bit was a good decision, and no matter what I decide to do I have complete faith in you.’ I was thinking about that art and looking at it got me thinking to trust her because she has faith in me like I have faith in her.  I think it was just a sign in my own eyes.  Many people are not Catholic or religious, but to the people that are Catholic I think they know the point of view that I am coming from because she is a very strong and powerful Saint in the Catholic Church.

I really loved this art piece because it isn’t like any normal type of piece I’ve never seen something like this before.  It looks as if it was made from some type of marble or stone, absolutely no paint in the art work.  There is also some gold trimming in the art.  As if there is actual gold power to give the details and outline the art more of a bright light like there is a sun in the background to make it brighter.

I can’t really give too much information on exactly where the art work came from nor exactly who had made it.  But I can tell you a little bit about La Virgen De Guadalupe.  She is from Mexico City, Mexico.  Around the 1600 she had met a man named Juan Diego and told him that “a church should be built in her honor at the top of Tepeyac hill, where there had once been an Aztec Temple to the goddess Tonantzin.” “But when Juan Diego related this to the Spanish archbishop, Juan se Zumárraga, the cleric didn’t believe him and told Juan Diego to go back to Tepeyac and ask the Virgin for a miracle so that she might prove that what she said was true. The Virgin told Juan Diego to gather Castilian roses at the top of the hill. The Virgin helped arrange the flowers in Juan Diego’s tilmátli (a type of cloak), and he carried them back to Mexico City.”  The link that I am sharing with you guys you can read a little bit more about her and how it she became a Saint and about how the Catholics think so highly of her. This link that I am providing for you guys tells you the actual meaning of and significant of the color of the art work.

After researching more about Lady Guadalupe she became more than just interesting to me she became something higher for me to pray too and having more faith in my religion.  Especially, because I felt a connection with the art and how it came about to me there is just something more to me then a piece of art.

  • Has there ever been something that was more than just “art” to you and made you become a higher believer in what you already believed in?
  • Do you believe that even though we may not know the artist we can figure it out?
  • What time period do you think this was made or even how did they even make this piece of art?

Claudia Portillo-Olivas