Henna Designs (body art)

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Henna is a small tree or shrub of lawsonia Enermis, when its leaves dries up, its grounded with stone and mixed with hot water and paste is made out of it, for cosmetic reasons. Henna has been used as a hair dye for over 6,000 years. It has a maroon to dark brown color after it dries up and fades away as time goes by and becomes yellow to pale color. Henna tattoos are put only on females. This is a body tattoo which is put on hair as a dye, and on fingernail as a nail polish and on hands and feet as a tattoo. It is researched by an archaeologist that, in Egypt henna was put on fingernails of the Pharaohs before the mummification. Now, it’s becoming a trend to put on other parts of the body as well like belly, arms and neck. This is considered to be very traditional in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other Arab countries. People usually put this on when there is special occasions like weddings, Eid festival, eight month of pregnancy, the child naming ceremonies etc. This is considered to be very important in the marriage of the girl when she becomes married. This is considered to be part of art because the designs are made up of such fine lines. The designs of henna varies from culture, there are Arabic designs, Indian, African designs. The reason I chose this Art because, I think art is associated with us in our daily lives without even realizing it and it is not only bonded in piece of paper or wall but can be beautified on the body as well. It can be put on temporarily and without any pain like other tattoos.

Do you consider this as a piece of art?
Would you put henna designs on your body?
Would you recommend henna for men as well?

Hena Haque

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A Different Type of Art

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When someone usually thinks of art they think of using different tools to create that piece of artwork those types of tools usually include a pencil, crayons, paintbrushes, pastels or even chalk. But could you ever image using a body part to create this art, now you may be thinking using your hands or feet to create it but some artists have gone to new measures and have started using their tongues, breasts, private parts, eyes and even their vomit as tools to help them accomplish their art. The reason I chose this is that I have always found this type of art interesting. Since I was child I have always loved using my fingers and feet to create art they were fun tools to work with and it was always interesting to see how your painting would turn out. When I have spare time I usually use my fingers or elbows to create random paintings it’s a neat thing because I always feel more connected to what I just painted. This got me thinking about the question do artists use different body parts to create different types of art. Then I started doing research it turns out they do I chose to write about this because many people do not know that this technique even exists and I was also surprised to find out how good some of these paintings look. This first artwork is by Ani K he is an Indian artist that uses his tongue as a palette and also uses his tongue to paint on the canvas he has painted over a thousand pictures. It took him 3 to 4 days to paint Leonardo’s famous last supper painting. The artist saw his teacher painting with his feet and he wanted to do something unique and that is why he chose to use his tongue as a tool to create artwork. This piece of artwork reminds me of the high renaissance painting the last supper that was created by Leonardo Da Vinci. This type of artwork kind of reminds me of the metal point technique because even though this technique uses a piece of metal to draw you have to be careful because you can’t just go back and erase it this is comparable to the tongue painting because once you have your tongue on the canvas you can’t just decide to erase because your tongue leaves the paint on the canvas permanently. The second piece of artwork is by an England artist named Millie Brown who uses her vomit to create works of art. Browns art work reminds me of a technique called spattering where the paint is being sprayed or flicked onto the surface of a painting using a paintbrush and oil paint. But in browns case she is using her mouth and the dyes that she vomits on to the canvas. Both of these artists have opened up a new world of not just using the same tools to create art but actually becoming connected with the art. In Ani K’s case he wanted to make himself stand out in the art world and be known for something no one has ever done before which he has made his dream come true. Brown has stirred up a lot of controversy because of many people thinking this promotes bulimia which is does not Brown wanted to create something raw and real and at the same time use her body to create art which she has. Both of these artists have reached their goals as to what they wanted their art to accomplish. With art changing everyday it will be interesting to see what artists use to create their next art piece.



  1. Do you think this type of art is considered more skilled than art that requires art tools?
  2. Which artists painting do you like better and why? Would you ever consider trying this out?
  3. Do you think that this type of art in museums would influence more people to visit museums?

Carla Chavez

Additional information: the links below show videos of how the artists create their art




Paint or Puke?

When we think of art I feel can be safe in saying that we usually do not think of puke, but not for everyone.  Controversial performance artist Millie Brown has been making art out of her colored puke and it has raised some eyebrows, as well as interest.  Millie Brown had come across watching another cry colored milk and thought how she could create art in a unique, never done before approach.  That’s when the idea came to mind that she wanted to “puke the rainbow”.  Mille Brown takes special steps in creating her colored puke.  Mille starts with making a mixture of soy milk and food coloring to make each color.  She then drinks the milk and proceeds to vomit onto her canvas making vibrant, colorful works of art.  Millie wanted her art to “come within” to be a part of her, literally.  As a Londoner, Mille had been invited to join! WOWOW!, a group of young artist in Berlin who housed together, and gifted with living rent free, are there solely to focus on creating their art.  Mille is also known for being the person who has puked on Lady Gaga.  Gaga had asked Mille to perform with her at a concert in Texas.  Gaga asked Mille if she would vomit on her during her performance on stage.  Millie took to the stage and made news for being the girl who puked all over Lady Gaga.  During Lady Gaga’s performance Mille vomited twice, first, vomiting a bold color of green on Gaga’s white lengthy dress.  And the Second session, vomiting the color black while riding a mechanical bull.  The out pour of reactions’ ranged from disgust to tears of joy.   There are many who protest Millie’s work in the name of Bulimia and feel her art form directs negativity to such viewers with the disease.  Personally it’s hard for me to watch Millie create her work.   I would never want to push my body to those lengths, knowing that frequent vomiting can cause many health issues.




 Do you feel Millie is causing harm to herself with her technique?

  • Do you feel Millie’s work can negatively affect individuals with Bulimia?
  • Would you like to own a piece of Millie’s art?

Fallon Piraro

Makeup Art

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One of my primary loves is makeup art. I chose Kim Kardashian as a model for makeup art because her look demonstrates some areas that I will discuss below. Makeup art starts with a canvas which is the face.. There are very similar techniques used in applying makeup that are similar to creating a painting. When creating a makeup look the makeup artist must first apply foundation to the face. The foundation helps to conceal the skin and its imperfections to make it one blank canvas. Then there is a contour stage of applying makeup. Contouring helps define the face. You apply a darker shade in the hallows of your face and blend to give highlights and dimension to the face. After foundation is applied you can then apply a finishing powder in a similar skin tone or that is translucent to set the makeup. Another part of makeup that is similar to painting is eye makeup application. When applying eye makeup, you will also need a base cream that is a neutral color similar to the skin tone. This helps to mute the eyelid. Muting the eyelid helps eye shadows that are applied to eye bolder. Eye shadows come in the form of pressed pigments or loose pigments. The loose pigments can be applied wet or dry. When a  pigment is applied wet the eye shadow can appear, “foiled”. Eye shadows appear more cohesive when you utilize contrasting colors on the lid.  It is important that eyeshadow colors go with the clients undertone, and eye color. You use warm toned eye shadows for clients with warm undertones in their skin and cool tone eye shadows. for clients with cool undertones in their skin. Applying makeup requires similar tools that painting does. To apply liquids or creams to the face it would require a synthetic brush. To apply powder products you would use a natural hair brush typically made out of Italian Badger, Squirrel, or Goat hair. Goat hair are premium brushes because the hair picks up more pigementation. The density of the brushes also aides in makeup application. The denser the brush the more opaque an eye shadow can be. You would use a less dense brush for sheer application. Makeup is something that is a form of art. The looks of an individual can be transformed with the application of makeup. Makeup has come a long way. It was at first used for practical uses for cultures like the Egyptians who used eye kohl to protect their eyes from the sun. Now it is used for more fashion purposes by  celebrities like Kim Kardashian and by the everyday women. It’s a beautiful way to enhance your features without permanently changing your looks.

  • Do you believe the look that Kim Kardashian is wearing is achievable?
  • What attracts you to certain makeup styles?
  • If you had the time to wear makeup up would you and why?

This is a link for a makeup tutorial.

Tiffany Frierson

Permanent Art


On the popular social media site, Instagram, where users post and share pictures, I follow a rapper/tattoo artist named Tuki Carter. He is always posting cool tattoo designs that he does on his clients and I am amazed at the level of detail and skill that goes into each tattoo design. I could not find a title for the specific tattoo pictured above but chose the picture anyways to highlight one of his most detailed designs. There is so much going on this client’s arm but to sum up the picture it appears to be a king (guessing Egyptian) with a sword whose throne is over what looks like a goat hiding behind leaves. You would need to know what the client asked for in order to truly understand the tattoo but it is undeniably a work of art. What amazes me about a tattoo such as this one is that it looks like a painting slapped on a man’s arm. However it’s much more complicated because an artist had to copy every detail of the painting by hand and outline it on the clients arm. Also keep in mind that the canvas is human skin which is not as stationary as paper and more difficult to draw on. Some artists do have rub off stickers that outline the tattoo the customer wants, which helps eliminate mistakes in design but it is still up to the artist to properly prepare the customer’s skin and sterilize their equipment to reduce the risks of infection or transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS. I think tattoos are more creative and meaningful (most of the time) than pictures drawn on paintings because tattoos are permanently embedded in a person’s skin. Tattoos are generally symbolic with a meaning behind them for instance to honor a loved one that passed, to symbolize an important event in someone’s life, or in bad cases symbolize gang activity. For this reason I myself do not have any tattoos because I haven’t experienced anything I think is worth permanently placing on my body but do plan on getting one eventually in the future if I ever come up with an idea that I don’t think I would get sick of within a year.

  • Do you think tattoos are a high form of art?
  • Would you have a tattoo artist hand draw a design or place a sticker outline on you? And if you have tattoos which option did you choose?
  • Do you have a favorite tattoo artist or artwork?

Here is a video to view how tattoos are done.

For more Tuki Carter tattoo designs here is his website.

Quentin Frazier