Alone on the Beach–extra credit blog post


While talking with my friend and browsing through his anime website, I decided to surf the web for some interesting anime works of art. Ever since I was introduced to anime, I have been fascinated by it. I chose this drawing because it features many amazing abstractions that flow together in harmony while also relaying many messages. The color blue is also very eye-catching. Looking at the colors and shapes, the clouds in particular form in an intriguing shape. The middle rises as if it’s a pillar with the sides dipping then rising again. The blue color in this art piece is attractive because it is personally relaxing for me. I like how the volume of blue changes within the clouds, getting lighter and lighter. I also like how the clouds are illuminated towards the outside because it gives me a feeling of enlightenment. Then looking at the girl, who is standing alone on a beach in a simple white one-piece dress, she looks out beyond the horizon. It is interesting how her white dress and hat match the clouds. When looking at this, questions begin to form. For example, why is she standing alone by the ocean? Why is she wearing just white? There could be multiple answers.
I like the simplicity of the colors yet I love the complexity of the message in this painting. There is a plane in the distance which perhaps could be one of the reasons why the girl is standing alone. It is a little difficult to convey a specific message. I can say that this is a very inspirational art piece. It is very motivational in a way that makes viewers wonder about their dreams, goals, and lives. The sky is the limit, there are many opportunities out there waiting to be explored, which is symbolized by the plane. I also believe the girl symbolizes a dreamer, someone ambitious who is about to take positive action.
I don’t like the odd formation of the clouds however, to me it doesn’t make sense. Looking at the shadows, light, shades, and color of this drawing, it reminds me of the Modern Art period back in the mid 1800’s. It has realism yet it isn’t realistic in terms of shapes of the clouds and lack of waves in the water. It also reminds me of anime work of art because this kind art and graphic composition is often used on anime cartoons and characters.
Unfortunately, the artist and date for this drawing is unknown which leaves even more mystery as to what the message is behind this drawing. Regardless, I love this drawing overall.

  • What do you think the message of this art piece is?
  • Do you think the meaning would be different if it was a man looking at the horizon?
  • What is a way the artist could have made this painting more soothing?

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