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Hans Zimmer. A musician and composer with an awesome name, creates one of the most beautiful musical pieces I’ve ever heard. While someone who is listening to music can’t really see the sound waves that he/she hears it doesn’t mean it isn’t art. Music and art share the connection that they are both ways of expression using space and form, beauty and color. ( Emily Hillford). I think of music as invisible paintings that one has to see with their ears. The ears paint a picture inside your head when listening to music. At least, that is how I feel when listening to music, especially pieces by Hans Zimmer. A German recorder and producer, he has won several academy awards for his films. Some well-known being The Lion King, Gladiator, Interstellar, The Dark Knight trilogy and The Pirates of the Caribbean. His pieces are often very enchanting and the mood they create is a very tense and emotional one. To me, instrumentals such as these are everything. They give comfort, enjoying the spiritually enlightening sounds without any words are a gift in my mind. Something I’d rather not live without.
One of his pieces “Time” creates the atmosphere, like a painting would, of feeling of being lost amongst the confusion. This piece was in the movie Inception, which many people loved and hated, one of the most critically acclaimed films ever. What I remember most is this piece. This specific song, I have listened to almost more than any other song in my life. I chose this song over his other loved pieces because this one has become a part of my life. It’s a song that envelops me and becomes part of my surroundings. For me, that is art. A word people use to describe music in terms of Visual arts is soundscape. I think it really fits; music is basically creating this visual painting for the senses.
The musical piece “Time” is loved by many, and yes there are people that don’t like it. The song itself doesn’t consist of many notes. It’s actually really simple, but yet so deep. The song starts of really slow then gradually inclines toward a more intense style of the same notes then it calms down and ends with a silent bye. Main version is roughly four and a half minutes long. Though many people who listened to this piece often put it on repeat or listen to longer versions. It’s something one has to experience for themselves. Kind of like the exercises we did in the beginning of classes, describing a painting with only words. It’s hard to do, as words can never truly explain the painting as a whole. The person has to see it for themselves. I highly suggest you listen to it at least once without doing anything else. It’s an experience; I don’t regret and don’t want to forget.

1. Do you consider music as a form of visual art? If so, is all music art or just good music? If not, why not?
2. Have you listened to this piece before? (If not I suggest you do) what do you think of it?
3. Is music important to art? How so or how not so?
4. What do you think of Hans Zimmer or Inception?

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10 thoughts on “Soundscape

  1. This music is so moving. Its like a cure for narcissism. It makes me want to go somewhere and do something meaningful. Be it helping people, cleaning up the earth, teaching kids to read, etc. It makes me realize that life is precious and wasting it on just myself sucks. I want to go and have a meaningful life full of incredible experiences and connect with people. This song is just so motivating and that’s all I think I can say about it. Like you said, in the case of describing paintings words can never fully capture what the experience is like. I think the same goes for music as well.

  2. You can almost feel the power in the song. It feels very intense at points, and almost falls back down to a calmness. It feels very tense and suspenseful. I don’t know how else to describe it. It feels like it is showing how fleeting time, and how quickly it can go by in a few intense moments. It’s oddly peaceful in some spots as well. You can definitely tell that this was used in a movie based on the power and drama that the song has. It’s quite inspiring though. You almost feel like was said above me that you should go out and do some good in the world instead of sitting here playing Xbox. Wait wait, let’s not get carried away here. I mean, I can do good in the world, and play Xbox. We don’t need to make any hasty decisions. All that being said, I can see why this composer’s music is used in movies. It adds a bit of drama and flare.

  3. I have heard about this before. And it definitely got my attention. It was actually confusingly understandable the fact I myself love music and I knew there had to be some type of scientific explanation and boom here it is…your blog explained all.

  4. I have never heard this piece before, but I have to agree with you that music is art. I was never one for music without any lyrics, but after it started I didn’t want to turn it off. I found this piece to be vary calming. While listening to this your brain creates images to go along with sounds the artist creates in the song. Not only with that, but music with lyrics is also art. The music is telling a story. I believe music is needed in society and it is important to art. From the movies you listed above and listening to this song, Hans Zimmer is a brilliant artist. Your blog was awesome.

  5. The first 10 hour piece put me right to sleep because it was extremely relaxing. And from his bio i got that he was the genius behind the chilling music for over 150 films which is incredible. I also found out that he has created the theme music for one of my favorite movies of all time, The Last Samurai, which gives me chills because its music is so powerful and fitting to the movie. It is emotional at parts and intense at others just like the movies you mentioned above. Hans Zimmer is just an extra main character in those movies that creates emotion in the movies, we just don’t see him, we just feel the emotions. I think all music is art even the bad one because it takes creativity to make good music. If I don’t like some music it could be amazing to someone else, unless its Justin Bieber’s music, then its definitely garbage to everyone.
    When i was doing research for my blog, i found an artist that paints sound, you might be interested in checking his art pieces out, its incredible how this artist sees sound.

  6. I definitely think music is a form of art. Some of our greatest films are considered great because of the soundtrack. When I’m watching a movie I feel like the music tells me what emotions I should be feeling at that time. Soundtracks can make a film seem more powerful, sad, funny, etc. Personally I wasn’t too moved by this particular soundtrack like some of the other bloggers were. Not sure why, but it just didn’t do anything for me. I think Hans Zimmer is extremely talented though. The Gladiator soundtrack is one of my top favorites by him.

  7. I certainly think music is an art but I don’t consider it a visual art. Any image i see while listening is created by me. It may be inspired by the music but the image is my unique idea and would be different for every individual. This is the first time I’ve listened to this piece and I enjoyed it. I didn’t find it very moving but it was pleasant to hear. I think music is very important as an art. It represents feelings, cultures, world events and change. Everything from classical to gangsta rap is a message or a feeling given to the listener from the artist. I didn’t know of Hans Zimmer before this but I have heard his music in the movies you’ve mentioned. It’s very impressive how many he’s done. I will be paying closer attention in the future.

  8. Music is absolutely a form of art! I have heard this piece before, and I think it is wonderful for the movie. The way he uses dynamics in particular do a great job of establishing mood and suspense. When I listen to this, I get a sense of sadness or emptiness, a feeling like you’ve lost something forever. It goes well with inception. However, I do not think this piece would be so good without the accompaniment of the movie since it is a bit repetitive.

  9. I listen to soundscapes quite often and find them very therapeutic. I consider them to be visual art at times, because when I listen to soundscapes before i go to sleep, pictures and scenes dance around mind. The imagination’s ability to interpret these sounds as visual concepts astounds me.

  10. I came here to comment, I forgot I was ever on this page, due to the soothing music, which is ART.
    1. Do you consider music as a form of visual art? If so, is all music art or just good music? If not, why not? Definitely!! Art , moves you, this is art. It’s put together, created, thought of, it is ART.
    2. Have you listened to this piece before? (If not I suggest you do) what do you think of it? Not the whole thing but definitely parts of it.
    3. Is music important to art? How so or how not so? Yes, music even helps you draw, paint, sketch and Create, even though music is a creation ittself!
    4. What do you think of Hans Zimmer or Inception? I don’t now.

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