Tower to the City


Nearly everyone at some point in their life has seen or heard of the Eiffel tower in Paris, France. Part is due to the unusual structure that it possess and also having it be home to one of the most well-known cities in all of Europe. This tower was constructed back in 1889 when Paris was hosting the world’s fair at that time. There were two men that were behind the construction of this project and they were metals expert Alexander- Gustave Eiffel and his engineer partner Maurice Koechlin. While these two were the minds behind the tower, more often than not people refer it back to Eiffel given his name, even while Koechlin had the fine idea of the masterpiece. Another statue that these two were known for was our very own Statue of Liberty which is one of our nation’s most prized possessions. The Eiffel tower took nearly two years to build requiring hundreds of workers and 18,000 metal pieces used throughout the structure. Just ten years after the tower stood, it was made to be torn down and scrapped as metal. But soon after city officials recognized what it could do for a radiotelegraph station given the huge size of the structure it could send and receive signals clearly. This led them to the decision to in fact keep the tower standing to serve its purpose. Yet another time that it faced destruction was during World War II, it was the Germans plan to destroy the monument but as you can tell it survived and still remains standing today. This structure is truly a piece of history in the world and continues to impress those that get the chance to see it.

Scott Borosak

1. What do you like most about the Eiffel tower?
2. Does it surprise you that it is the most visited monument in the world?
3. Would Paris be the same without the Eiffel tower?

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11 thoughts on “Tower to the City

  1. The Eiffel tower is such a beatiful monument. It doesnt suprise me that it took two years to build and constuct this piece of art. I like that the monument is very unique and that it lights up at night. IT doesnt suprise me that this structure is the most visited in the world. The Eiffel tower is so popular and different that evreyone wants to see it themselves. Paris wouldnt be the same if the Eiffel tower wasnt there. Everytime i think of Paris the Eiffel tower pops into my head. The monument is part of the city and without it the is something missing. I would love to take a trip to see this great work of art. It would be a great experience because im sure that even pictures dont even show this masterpiece justice.

  2. What I like most about the Eiffel tower is its unique design. The architecture is really impressive yet the design seems pretty simple. I’ve never seen it in real life, but hopefully will one day. It doesn’t surprise me that it is the most visited monument in the world. It’s a massive and beautiful piece of art and Paris wouldn’t have the same recognition without it. Another amazing thing about it is maintaining the tower requires about 50-60 tons of paint per seven years to protect it from rust, and the height of the tower can vary by about 6 inches depending on the temperature.

  3. The aspect I like most about the Eiffel tower is its simplicity. It is just a simple industrial steel stricture with no skin or adornment but still has such an elegant look. It’s no surprise that it is the most visited monument in the world. It’s beautiful and it’s in a beautiful city. It has no political or religious affiliation. So anyone can view it at face value and just appreciate it for being a great accomplishment for its time and something pleasing to look at. Paris would not be the same without it I think it is part of what makes Paris what it is.

  4. I like how the Eiffel Tower is so much taller than all the other buildings around it, makes it stand out in the picture. It does not surprise me at all that is the most visited monument in the world, I have never been there but would like to see it myself. I don’t think Paris would be the same without the Eiffel tower, tourism would definitely go down.

  5. I have never seen the Eiffel Tower in Paris France, but it would be magnificent to see. Who wouldn’t want to visit. The photo you chose of the tower is truly beautiful. I love how it is the focal point in the picture and it being lit up completely within the night sky is pretty. It does not surprise me that it’s the most visited monument! Like you were saying it’s been through history and in the place of love. I feel like the tower has defined Paris and is what most people know Paris as. I feel like it would change Paris is the Eiffel Tower wasn’t there.

  6. I have never seen the Eiffel tower but i would really like to one day. I think it’s a very unique structure and it has a very distinct vibe especially when it’s lit up at night. I am kind of surprised that it’s the most visited monument in the world, but now that i’m thinking about it, it makes sense. I really doubt that Paris would be the same without the tower. The city is beautiful enough alone, but the tower just adds so much character and movement, and definitely attracts a ton of people.

  7. I think what I like most about the tower is that it lights up at night as seen in the picture. It allows you to not only see it during the day, but see it differently at night as well. It’s not surprising that it is the most visited. Paris I’ve heard is a beautiful place and to have that monument there to help attract people adds to the popularity of it. I think Paris would be a huge destination still, but likely less famous.

  8. 1. What do you like most about the Eiffel tower?
    Its the most weird but interesting towers , this world holds, I think. Especially, since it was made a long time ago..
    2. Does it surprise you that it is the most visited monument in the world?
    Not, it sincerely does not, because its not only for the “tower” that people go, its also because its the city of “love” that most see it as. It’s the history and meaning behind the city that the tower is built in.
    3. Would Paris be the same without the Eiffel tower?
    I don’t think it would be the same without the Eiffel tower. That is because there are other cities that “represent love , like Venezia ,Rome etc.

  9. Great decision on the topic. especially, with what is going on over there. Eiffel Tower is a symbol of Paris and very known internationally. Did you guys know the Eiffel Tower is 14cm to 16cm taller during warm weather? its been painted 18 times since 1889 and every time you paint it it takes 60 tons of paint, use to be the tallest standing structure for 41 years and it required 7300 tons of iron to build it. I mean this thing is free stand history with some stories.

  10. The design of the tower is simply amazing especially how tall it is compared to everything around it, making it look much more unique and special. Can’t believe it took only two years, that is pretty fast in even today’s terms. I have never visited Paris myself, but if I ever do seeing the Eiffel Tower for myself will definitely be the one of the top things on my list. I mean most people when thinking of Paris think of Eiffel tower or when thinking of the Eiffel tower think of Paris. The city just isn’t the same without it.

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