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I chose this piece because the strong message behind it as well as its unique location stood out to me. This piece is called No Future created by a Greek street artist named Ino. A lot of his work is of human bodies and faces that are representational with an abstract or cartoon like twist. I really enjoyed his work also since he puts his artwork all over the streets of the world, but mainly in his home country of Greece. I was drawn to his work since it is street art I think it’s something outside the box of traditional artwork and something anyone can go and see without spending the money to go to a museum or a gallery. I also really liked the specific piece even more after reading about the messages he was trying to portray in his piece. Also Ino uses the buildings or walls he’s creating his work on to his advantage because they give his artwork more meaning or character. He does this very well with the work No Future in which he painted the piece on a elementary school building in Athens, Greece. The piece features a monochromatic color scheme of black and white with two abstract children’s heads mashed together inside a balloon. The meaning behind this piece is to raise awareness about the impact of the depressed economic system of Greece. Ino brings light to the fact of these children working so hard in school only to be released into a jobless economy once they finish school. He emphasizes the sadness of the piece using a black and white color scheme as well as putting a very somber, hopeless look onto the children’s faces. Also the looks on the children’s faces seem to be very innocent as well, seeming to represent that they can’t make the economic changes and its up to the adults to step and up and fix the economic crisis for the future generation. He plays up the meaning behind this piece even more by placing it on a school building. This seems to create more impact and calls for a swift change of the economic crisis or else these children will suffer in the future by not being able to get jobs for themselves after working hard for their education. This piece reminds me of Picasso’s Guernica due to the black and white color scheme as well as the abstract style. These two pieces are also similar since they are both very large pieces as well as both being pieces that respond to serious issues of their time.

Would you like seeing street art like this in the streets of the United States?

Do you think street art is as important or beautiful as traditional artwork done on a canvas or something of the sort?

Do you think Ino seems to convey his message well through the piece No Future?

Kristi Ward


11 thoughts on “Street Art

  1. I love street art because like you said in your blog the people of society don’t need to pay to get into a museum to see the artwork, it is available for everyone to see. If this type of street art were to be painted on the streets in the United States I believe everyone would be interested. It would bring curiosity to what the meaning is behind the piece and it would be fun to look at all the different pieces around the streets. I believe street art is just as beautiful as traditional art in its own way. For me when I look at street art it is more fun to look at and more abstract than most traditional pieces of art. Not only that just like traditional art the artists is giving their audience a message.

  2. I simply love street art. If done right, it can turn a city into something beautiful . I’ve been to the city before, and often times when you go to there you will see a lot of street art on walls of buildings. Usually its the less affluent part of the city. Nonetheless the art is quite amazing to look at. Regarding Inos’ street art, I personally do love it. I love how he puts a deeper meaning behind his work. That its not art for art sakes, its much more than that. I would like to believe street does held importance compared to traditional art forms. Street art is public art, everyone is there to see it, so it obviously holds importance to that area or the people in that area. Of course, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I really would like seeing more street art here in America in more places. They really do give a nice mood instead of the typical plain walls we often see. The world should be filled with more art!

  3. I think street art is beautiful as long as it done tastefully. I think it’s a great way to communicate directly with the public and send a positive message. Street art is meant to attract attention to an existing cause or a socially relevant issue, but it can also be humorous, or just creative and colorful. I would enjoy seeing it on our buildings and streets.

  4. I really like street art. If it’s done tastefully and in a way that isn’t alienating the people of the community, it can be a huge plus to a neighborhood. It also gives the artist a way to get themselves known in the art community and the neighborhood that this is someone who stands up for what they feel is right. In this case, I think you described it perfectly regarding the children’s faces. Even the bottom child’s face has that “Mona Lisa is always watching you” type of thing going on. So the people walking by can think about the children in the school and that the kids are looking to them to help them. I think art here in Chicago would be great on some of our buildings.

  5. I would like to see street art like this in the United States, however I do not think that street art is as beautiful as traditional artwork done on a canvas. I think that in Ino’s piece ” No Future” Ino does a good job at conveying his message through his art work.

  6. I think street art is very unique and it definitely adds a lot of character, life, and fun to any place. I would love to see street art in the U.S. as long as it’s not destructive or over powering. In my point of view, i think that all art is important and i see beauty in every type. Street work is unique and beautiful in it’s own way and i don’t think i can directly compare it or say that it is more or less beautiful than traditional works of art. I think his message comes across in a good way, his work is very meaningful and full of life and emotion.

  7. I would love to see street art like this in the United States. The theme is something you wouldn’t see often in the United States. Depression is everywhere. Many people and children around the world can connect with it. It might even give them hope seeing that there are people who are trying to raise awareness of it in such an artistic way. I certainly connect with it a lot because I had been diagnosed with depression when I was younger. And since that this is “street” art, anyone can see it which makes it easier for everyone to see it. To me, it looks like the children are staring at something that shows some kind of impending doom and they’re helpless to save themselves from it. So yes, I think Ino conveys his message very well.

  8. I love to come across street art. It adds interest to a typically bland landscape. The paintings you presented are amazing. Once while down in the Keys I saw Wyland painting a huge seascape across a building. It impressed me that he could make something on such a large scale while only working on a small area and not losing shape and size relations. I think this work is just as important as any done on canvas. I feel even if art is not in your taste it is equally important. The only problem I have with street art is the fine line between it and graffiti. But I guess that comes down to weather the artist got permission from the property owner. I would not have guessed the meaning of no future by looking at the painting but after hearing it I can see what he meant.

  9. These pictures you have chosen convey a very strong message and the artist has done a very good job at conveying that message. He has used two little innocent faces and meshed them kind of on top of each other. Maybe In a way he wants to send a message that so many young children are learning and competing with each other for a job that is not there, for a country that has no economy. He wants to tell the adult viewers that the children are the country’s future yet the children themselves have no future. It is very clever and to put it on the side of a school is even more powerful. I think street art is just as important as traditional art work and its very beautiful. It is very popular in society today and we see it everywhere. Some create art for creativity while other have a message they want to send.

  10. I’m a big fan of street arts! You get to enjoy them for free like you have mentioned. I view street art as more spontaneous and random and more intriguing because you never know what’s next to come. And I like the idea that thousands of people get to view and try to understand the message the artist is trying to send.

  11. I wouldn’t mind seeing street art in the United States. Street art looks cool but I would not put it in the same class as traditional art. I think Ino conveys his message very well in the piece No Future.

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