Who says art has to be seen by the eye?

We all have our favorite paintings or artists that we prefer, and truth be told; i didn’t know enough about the art world to take interest in any of those things. Until one day that all changed when i was surfing the glorious world wide web and I came across an artist, nobody really knew or heard of.
John Bramblitt is a 37 year old man who found his passion through art by his misfortune of becoming blind. But it’s not his art that leaves me with a feeling of triumph, it is his wise words that leave an imprint on my heart. Not only does he suffer from epileptic seizures that caused his vision to decrease with time but he created pieces of art living in his darkest moments. the method behind his greatness you ask? He pairs each color with an emotion, which is the brilliance behind his work.
“This makes more sense when you stop thinking about adversity as an obstacle, and start viewing it as an experience – something that you can learn from and grow from. Life for me now is way more colorful than it ever was.” These words alone from give a deeper meaning to each of his pieces and himself as a person. The reason why I chose this piece is because I feel the colors really detail who he is as an artist and it is something i can deeply connect to. He uses fabric paint to create the outline and contours of the painting so they become easily traceable with his fingers. The realness about his art is he knows that his paintings and drawings are not going to be perfect but he stated himself that if he doesn’t feel they turned out right, he doesn’t have to see them to hate them. If you ask me that is a very humble person and one who recognizes his passion as a talent.
In this painting I admire “the man” standing alone with the world at his finger tips, and I am sure many of us can connect on some level or another how a painting as colorful and luminous as this one could create such a sad feeling inside; just taking a look at it and not knowing it’s background story. Even if the story is known there are a lot of darker areas in the picture that modify his endless want to be better.
John Bramblitt and his story lives on to show that art is much more than Just looking. It starts with an idea or hope for a better tomorrow and ends up on canvas. It’s all about texture and touch for him, which makes you think: what in the world is really impossible because all i see when observing this painting is; possible.
Bailey Schuler
  • What exactly sparked his passion for this kind of art?
  • Has such an art technique always existed?
  • How could a person who feels so defeated come back with some beautiful work?

16 thoughts on “Who says art has to be seen by the eye?

  1. I love how the color draws me in. This may sound silly but i’m curious how he knows what color he is using. I like the high contrast between the colors. The painting almost looks backlit like a stained glass window on a sunny day. It’s amazing after so much tragedy he is so inspired. The setting is a happy dreary. The colors are dark but so vivid and the man seems to be walking toward the light. Seems like it could be him finding his inspiration. That is an amazing outlet for someone who can’t see.

  2. I really love this piece and it’s even more amazing knowing that it was painted by a man who is unable to see. I think it’s very interesting how John Bramblitt developed his own process that allows him to paint by touch. He is able to distinguish between the paint colors by their consistency. He describes the color white as very thick like toothpaste, and the color black as runny like oil. When he wants a shade of gray he mixes the two together. He uses bits and pieces of his memory to create his artwork. What a truly inspiring man. He may have lost his sense of sight, but found his sense of self through his art.

  3. After seeing that painting and looking up other paintings by John Bramblitt, they kind of leave me speechless. It is truly inspiring to see someone who became blind to still go through with his passion, not giving up on what he loves, and making such beautiful works of art. I love how he uses a wide variety of colors in each of his paintings. It creates a lot of different emotions when looking at this piece. He chooses his colors by knowing that oil paints have a viscosity and texture that varies from each color. In the Huffington post article he quotes, “The idea of color means more to me now than it did when I was sighted. Now it has more emotion.” I like this quote because we can see that the colors he chooses for each one of his paintings brings out all kinds of different emotions. By looking at this work of art and learning more about John Bramblitt, he is truly inspiring.

  4. These paintings that he created are just fantastic and vibrant with color, detailed where it needs to be, and fun with high colors throughout. If I didn’t know he was blind, I would really like these paintings. Knowing that he cannot see visually what he is doing and is creating these from memories and imagination makes these even more impressive. And reading about his ability to paint by the texture of the paints and knowing exactly how to place these together really shows how incredible his mind is. You can kind of feel the gloomy, rainy, fall day in the painting from the leaf color, and the reflection of the colors from the puddles. This is a small detail that we probably take for granted when we are just walking through a park, or hurrying to/from our cars when it’s raining, but it’s these little details that make his paintings really shine.

  5. John Bramblitt found his passion for this by becoming blind. This is so ironic considering how vibrant and colorful it is; and he is so humble about it too. A technique to create this art has never existed before since John created it himself. He views his adversity as an experience rather than an obstacle and that is how someone who feels defeated can come back and make this brilliant art work.

  6. When I looked at the picture, i thought to myself ” what vivid colors?” but as I started reading the blog and the background story I was amazed at how some people have passion to create a art! and the phrase” Who says art has to been seen” it fits perfectly on his art. I never knew anyone who can not see can do such great job with art. I think after not being able to see colors of the world, he wanted to create his own piece of art to fill in the colors of life which he can no longer see from his own eyes and that takes a lot of courage to do so. I don’t think such art existed before or may be I’m ignorant about it since I don’t know much about art and the artist.

  7. I really like this art piece. Not just because it is very colorful and beautiful but also because as you said every color has an emotion attached to it. This artist makes me think of the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh art. In Van Gogh’s case too, the intensity of his color palette was one of the defining features of his work which was also related to his inner feelings and emotions. I read an article in high school on Van Gogh where it was said that he described himself as “a musician of colour”. John Bramblitt’s art is closely related to Van Gogh in terms of the bright colors and the emotional connection. When i went through the website you provided, some of those painting had texture that i felt like i could feel. I thought that was amazing that his art has colourt, exture and feelings.

  8. This is extraordinary!!! Its unbelievable to think a bind man can create such art. This leads me to believe our mind is power beyond measure. I like how the artist choose to see his disability And turn it in a gift “This makes more sense when you stop thinking about adversity as an obstacle, and start viewing it as an experience – something that you can learn from and grow from. Life for me now is way more colorful than it ever was.” this is truly inspiring to hear about. I wonder what drove him and help him to get through it all.

  9. I think that many artists, especially those who feel defeated or pain, have been some of our greatest artists. This artists blindness helped him represent color in a unique way, by emotions rather than realistic colors of the items he was painting. I think in general great artists if painters actors or film directors use there life hardships as inspiration to make some of the most beautiful art we know of today, which I would definitely agree that this is a very beautiful piece.

  10. I cant believe someone who is blind created this piece. The blog stated he created it during a hard time but yet it is very colorful. Tells you a lot about the artist without even meeting him.

  11. Before even reading what you had wrote, his painting had me smiling. The colors in the way they played with each other in the painting seemed beautiful. Then I found out, that he is blind. Makes me wonder what a gifted man he really is. Creating such a piece using his emotions and feelings with oneself. I think painting for him is a way to bring him back to life. It probably gives him a reason to continue and remain happy. The struggles he has been through obviously hurts ones passion for life but I think he only got stronger. The painting is just splendid.

  12. First off I just have to say that this is beautifully written. Secondly I am a person who loves color and putting all the colors together just makes art that much more beautiful to me. I saw this painting and wanted to read what you had written and come to find out that the artist is blind. I didn’t even realize that it was possible for someone who couldn’t even see to create something so beautiful. Its very inspiring to hear his words and see that even though you may have something that could hold you back in your life you need to try and make the best of it and not let it get you down.

  13. This was one of the most amazing pictures that my eyes have seen throughout my lifetime. Sincerely, this is such a beautiful painting with an extremely motivational meaning. I just saved it as my desktop picture, because its so cool. I love how it has the person , from depression, sadness, maybe even anger and bad days, to good sunlight, sunshine, which represents happiness, and love, and health and at a better state of mind. This picture of someone ether taking a step in their life or just luck has finally come their way and the world is giving that person better days. Thank you or this painting!

  14. This piece sticks out to me alot. It’s incredible that a man with that disability created a very colorful as well as a meaningful picture. He incorporated many colors that explained how he felt. The man he drew looked depressed or sad and as you look further you see everything around you and how much hope there is in life. Even with those hardships he understood this and this picture has great meaning to me and how i should look at instances in my life even when there’s these struggles in life that seem to crush us.

  15. This art piece really does pop out to me with all the color and the fact that a man with no vision drew it is outstanding. Its unfathomable as to how this gentleman can create such a beautiful piece with not having one of the most important tools; vision. this only shows how far art can really go and all the unique circumstances that it can undergo. This painting really makes me appreciate art more by having it be apart of everyone’s life no matter the circumstance.

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