Your Mind Your Choice

I believe human mind can perform beyond and more than we imagine but we simply do not know how. We have this misconception where people believe we are born a certain way that limits them. I am not talking about inheriting genetic conditions or disorders that restricts your ability; but even then its your mind and your choice as to how our will manage and control any situation so ultimately you determine how and what you can feel.
So with that said I choose this particular art piece because I can personally connect and relate to it and get the chance to hear what other people has to say. At first I noticed all the facemasks expressing different emotions and it appeared to be growing out of some type of a plant. I interpreted it as “its normal and natural to feel these emotions” At times we are overwhelmed by these mixed thoughts feelings, emotion, ideas, and even your memories. (Faces) I believe this is a common thing amongst us. Overtime, I came to a realization life is a study; a learning experience it cannot be mastered but be accepted for what it is. Which brings us to the face that is located at the bottom of the picture with no expression holding “in” these feeling (faces) conveys the message “that it is within you to decide what to express, strengthen and encourage the growth of” I believe as soon as you understand what is truly good for you and know what you desire you will natural develop it.
I appreciate this art because It appears to be a simple work but it has a complex and deep interpretation. I find the art of sketching fascinating because it is one of the oldest forms of art originating from the Greek in the 1400s and its still utilized today. Brian Hudson created this particular art on February 27th 2008. I obtained his art through modern troll deviant art (Google). One of his techniques that I have notice that recognized from the read was how he uses the values of shading and lighting just like the Leonardo da Vinci’s work of art “ The Virgin and Saint Anne with the Chris Child and John the Baptist” both of these art work uses the hatching and cross-hatching method. After hundreds of year of art it has not changed just the way we view it.

How long did it take to complete this art?

Where did he get the idea?

Why the Sketching method?

Link to history of Sketching:

Links to more of Brian Hudson art:

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16 thoughts on “Your Mind Your Choice

  1. I’ve got a feeling this may have taken him a few days to complete. I feel that he got the idea from a man named Carl Jung. He was a psychiatrist and psychotherapist who founded analytical psychology. Jung the psychological concept known as the “Archetype” which is a model of a person, behavior, or personality. I think all of the faces in the sketch are archetypes. All the smaller faces are all personas that people have. A persona is a mask that a person uses to present themselves in certain situations and groups. Usually personas are never who a person really is, like I said earlier, it’s a mask. Specifically, the larger face at the bottom is the self, which is the part of the person that is their true essence.

  2. Based on his bio on his website, it sounds like he just doodles on paper in his free time. The fact that is he untrained, and can still create art like this is incredible. A sketch this detailed likely took several hours.

    If I had to take a guess as to the idea behind this, I think you nailed it. I would look at this as the bottom face has a lack of all emotions, and above is all the emotions people might experience just showing how complex our minds are. It ranges from happy to sad. You can also see scared, disappointed, unsure, and angry.

    Sketching is a quick, easy way that an artist can use to make himself a quick rough draft of an idea. It can range from the most basic art form, to a complex drawing like this one.

  3. Some artists are probably better at sketch art than other forms of art. With sketching you can start with a basic exploratory idea and gradually apply greater definition and accuracy to achieve desired results. Also, it’s probably harder to make a mistake with sketching because there is less concern for accuracy than there would be with other art forms; such as painting. I really enjoyed this piece and thought the shading was amazing.

  4. I have never been very good at adding colour to my art, so I really like art that is sketched with only black and white. From the link that you provided, I could see that most of the art by this particular artist was fantasy based. They were very appealing to my eyes. The picture you chose was very interesting because I thought it was a visual representation of a dream because the larger face whos eyes are closed could represent a sleeping face. The top of the head being open could represent how we do not have any control over what we dream and the emotions we feel. The leaves and the branches connecting them are the interesting part. When we dream our mind often connects one dream into another, so in a matter of seconds we could feel anger, helplessness, happy, hopeful, fear and many more emotions. I think its an excellent representation of the complexity of the human brain and how it entwines multiple emotions in one dream.

  5. If I had to guess how long this took to create, I would say 2 days. He may have gotten the idea from observing how others conceal their emotions or their true identity. Each mask in this piece appears to be hiding a flower which maybe the artist intended to relate to certain individual’s character. I think it’s interesting that the artist decided to sketch this. A colorless painting kind of reminds me of music without dynamics, but I’m sure he has a significant reason for doing this. I would guess it’s to leave the viewer’s mind open to interpretation of what the painting would look like colored in.

  6. Well said! The mind is a very powerful place and with power comes great responsibility. That being said I think this piece of art is screaming something bigger than us. There is so much to this piece that you really have to look closely. As human beings we are constantly growing and exceeding our limits and this art work i feel, represents just that as a whole. The art itself has a warm light to it. The shading in this piece really reminds me how gentle we can be as humans but how explosive our minds can be.

  7. I think the artist may have used sketching to create the different values from light to dark in his work, which was done extremely well. The simple technique with lack of color really lets the content and detail stand out which seems to help the message be the focus of the piece. The many different faces as well as the winding lines and pattern in the background of the faces creates a very chaotic essence to the piece. I think this shows the chaos in ones mind as well as all the different thoughts and feelings we have. At the same time the actual face of the man seems very stoic without exemplifying any specific emotion. This makes me think of someone putting on a “mask” for the world even though the have many other thoughts and feelings going on in their mind that we do not see. Very interesting piece and great choice!

  8. I very much liked this particular piece that you chose and the descriptions you have seem to match what he was trying to convey to the Tee. This piece of work I believe would have taken a few days to complete. I believe that the artist had been observing people and the world around him and saw all the different types of emotions that there is in the world today. The reason as to why he used the sketching method is something I can’t quite put my finger on. But I would assume it would be along the lines of wanting the drawing to look rather different to the eye and kind’ve erotic. That being because everyone in the world is different in there own ways amd this is due to our rapid changing emotions in life. Everyday is a different day and how we deal with it is through our own emotions.

  9. I think this piece would have taken him a couple of three days to create but definitely longer to come up with the idea and visualize the piece in his head. I think you had a really good interpretation of the piece and you pointed out the basic messages that author was trying to send. I think the artist must have spent a lot of time pondering about this topic to come up with the idea behind the piece. It definitely shows a lot of wisdom and it represents the complex human mind and emotions in a very creative way. So the artist must have gathered a lot of his own personal knowledge and wisdom to come up with the idea and to create this piece. I think the sketching method is very suitable because it sends across a message in a very simple way, black and white colors, and it simplifies the complex idea wanting to be sent.

  10. This work of art is simply fascinating. It seems simple but the more you pay attention to it, the more it makes you think how complex it is. I’d like to agree with what most people have commented so far, this sketch represents ones true nature vs shown nature. We often like to control ourselves and balance our inner feelings as much as we can. Why sketch? probably because that’s where it all starts. Sketches are usually the beginning of a work of art. I think maybe he wanted to leave as that, a beginning look into his mind.

  11. Scrolling through this blog, it being my first time, I was over whelmed by all the pictures and whiting, making-it that I did not know what what going on or who posted it all. However after many times of scrolling and skimming this website, I came to realize to stop and look at and value the pictures, first, before reading anything. After looking at each picture posted I came all the way back to the top, because I had a connection there. I felt a connection with this picture and I’m glad you chose to share this. It’s really a Deep piece as you explain. It can relate to any human being, I believe. I think this is definitely true, because we all have emotions, feelings, thoughts, and many different reactions to things. This piece has to do with the inner human, the process each of our hearts and minds encounter throughout our lifetimes. I think that society shapes us more than we like to believe…. This is a drawing, that can show us, that we are not alone when we have these feelings, thoughts, emotions, or reactions. Especially since this is so broad, it is not gender based, not colored, it represents many things for many people at once. I’m happy I got to experience this artwork.

  12. I think this drawing was probably completed in one long session. five to six hours. I think this because it seems to be one thought that flows beginning to end and there is quite a bit of detail in the faces. The title Your Mind Your Choice makes me think the guy with the closed eyes is taking a moment to decide how he may react to a situation he is in. Just taking time to gather his thoughts. It feels like that moment when someone is caught off guard and a moment is needed to compose oneself . The faces or masks in his head are his arsenal of emotions and feelings and when he opens his eyes he will have decided how he will proceed weather it is anger, joy, confusion, or frustration.

  13. i thought you explained the meaning of this piece very accurately. on the outside people can have such a different emotion on what actually is going on in someone’s head. this piece also explains how many emotions that people have at certain times in there lives and hide it from people as well. This particular picture seems like it would take him only a couple of days. I like how he didn’t use color but incorporated a lot of detail. im glad you chose to post about this picture because i believe that people can learn something about themselves when looking at artwork

  14. I didn’t even notice the small faces within the piece of art until you mentioned it in the blog. I immediately scrolled back up and sure enough there were a ton of little faces with all types of emotions on each one. It really shows that you need to take the time and seriously look at a piece of art to understand/comprehend each individual piece. It was awesome you found a work of art you could connect to. Thank you for sharing.

  15. An interesting work of art that personifies the human face and mind, into a potted flower. The serene face represents the pot, which holds everything and protects what’s inside of it. While the bloomed flowers are representing the human emotions. It seems to me that this piece is trying to convey that emotions are something that we can’t really hold back and should be shown or expressed.

  16. I think this piece of art is very interesting, because it shows how human mind works. Person might look calm but has so much going on his mind. The sketch as a string of leaves attached to the faces which is connected to all the faces in the mind, i think it shows how all emotions of a person is connected to another. i think it might have taken a several days because to put all these images in the brain he has to think about different emotions of the person and put them all together. i think he got the idea from the ever day life how people struggle with their problems and emotions but still try to keep themselves clam in front of others.

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