Chicago Blackhawks


I have always had a love for sports especially the Chicago Blackhawks. This picture is from when the Chicago Blackhawks had their parade. There are people as far as you can see. The park is completely full. People were lined up for hours just to be there for this event. I actually attended this parade and the convention where the players went on stage. This picture was taken at the parade and these are all the people who attended to support the Chicago Blackhawks after they won the Stanley Cup in 2013. I have always been a blackhawks fan and i love the color contrast in these pictures. I also love the city of Chicago and seeing the background of the city just made me fall in love with this picture. We have such a great city and this picture captured the beauty of it. The clouds are perfectly arranged and spaced out and adds to the beauty of this photo.

I also love the fact that all you can see is white and red the Chicago Blackhawks colors. The city in the background is also simply amazing. There is so much going on in this picture. This leads to one of my questions should we support our sports teams as much as we do. In addition is sports photography a type of artwork? I feel that it is and look at all these people and how happy they are. The Blackhawks have fans all over the country. Also the picture is something that will always be a part of the history of hockey. This parade and event captured a great season and a winning season that brought the city together. There are so many different people there. Also I liked the confetti falling out of the sky in the second picture. Photographs capture history and we can look back and remeber what happened. Im one of the biggest Chicago Blackhawks fans out there and this event was the best day of my life. I was able to see the Stanley Cup and be apart of this celebration. Many people will never have this opportunity but I was able to.

My questions for you are.

  1. Is sports photography a type of art work?
  2. Does photography have to capture an event to be considered artwork?
  3. Do we over hype accomplishments such as championships?
  4. Should sports photography have a place in artwork?

Christopher Werr


10 thoughts on “Chicago Blackhawks

  1. I like the route that you went i never really thought as sports being a form of art work but when you really think about it, it is a different type of art work. It is very unique and just because its not on paper and it wasn’t created doesn’t mean it is not art work the colors and the logo is unique to that sports team. During celebrations i think all of the photos are art because of the fact that you capture a moment with so much color and action that is not usually seen everyday and you capture peoples expression that is unique to that day. I don’t see why it cant be art there is still an abundance amount of color in the photo and people. To answer your last question if sports photography should have a place in art i think it should because of that fact that it captures a special moment and also peoples expressions and the amount of color that would be present in that picture from the teams colors to the fans jerseys to the court or stands and even the mascot so i think it should have a place in art.

  2. Yes sports photography is art I believe. You just have to love sports or understand the sport thats all. And who doesnt love the blackhawks we all do if you reside or if your from Chicago.

  3. I do think sports photography is a form of art. I agree with Carla when she said “ it captures a special moment and also peoples expressions”. That moment is not posed and could not be copied. The picture does not have to capture an event to be a work of art, but it does give added meaning when it does. Sports accomplishments are probably over hyped, but that is more or less a given in this culture. Although I imagine that most photography relating to events is photojournalism, it is conceivable that photographic art can be subdivided, so that sports photography can have its own place.

  4. Capturing the essence of a thing through photography always take skill to accomplish. To capture the feeling, the emotional climate, of a situation presented in a photograph can be incredibly difficult. I think this gallery does a great job of showing those emotions of the parade after their victory. I think that sports photography, and the photography of anything really, requires its own forms of finesse to successfully capture what it needs to. Regardless of an audiences opinion on sports and societies treatment of them, one has to recognize artistry when one sees it. Which is what I see here.

  5. I typically think of this as photojournalism because it’s a visual representation of a specific event and provides documentation of that event. Having said that, my husband and son really like sports photography and we all appreciate that moment captured on film. I understand the impact of color in an image and how the viewer responds emotionally in the same way you would respond to an oil painting or sculpture. I’m not really sure where the boundary is between fine art photography and photojournalism. This is a great subject to explore!

  6. I liked the pics you pointed out in class. It definitely counts as art. I’ve seen stuff in galleries that I’ve often wondered how it got in there. So, the one’s you picked drdefinitely fit in as art.

    I do think there is a sensational aspect of things going on in general. I’ve heard of rumors indicating that certain playoff games ‘ go the full distance’ to make more money instead of besting the lessor team in 3 of 5 or 5 of 7 games. But, I think that’s rumor. I fifind it hard to believe any real athlete and true competitor doing it just for show.

    In a way, even if catching the stillness of Mount Rushmore, there’s nothing new to capture, yet, it’s still captured. An empty ice arena, a wide open field, a boy sleeping, a fender hanging loosely from a rotted out, mottled wreck … nothings happening, no event to capture, yet, something stil exists to hold out attention, give us pause or simply, to catch our attention for a brief moment. I don’t think an event has to happen for art or photography to capture it.

    Sometimes, art happens to us.

  7. Back in my high school days I had taken a photography class and the class was assigned to pick a genre of photography and write about it. I decided I wanted to do my project on sports photography. I have been a huge Chicago White Sox fan since I was knee high and still to this very day am. So when ever I saw pictures of the Chicago White Sox players on the field I was happily inspired. When I saw and read your blog I felt like your blog touched me close to heart. When I was going through old photos of when baseball originated and saw photos of the fans and their proudness towards the team of their preference made me think that sports photography really is art. It’s inspirational, motivational and historic. Just because it is painted down onto a canvas doesn’t mean that it isn’t an art, because it does give audiences emotion and awareness.

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