Jason Brammer Time Machine Series


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I have never really been fond of art when I was younger but as I got older and have been attending more shows. I’ve started to admire and look at pieces of work in a different way. Above i have two pieces done by Jason Brammer one that i got to see in person at revision a show that my friend was throwing in Chicago were Alex Grey was also performing. I remember having a discussion in class about how picture just don’t do justice when viewing a piece of work at least for me I don’t really connect with it as I would in person. Even though pictures are sometimes all we have to remember things.

I’ve come to really admire Jason Brammers work after discovering him last year. He’s not just a painter but he is a sculpture as well. I choose these pieces because I really enjoy how he combines the two technique into mixed media. You can see in the first piece from his Time Machine collects called Chicago Spartan how he uses the wooden frame and incorporates the chain into the piece by hanging it from below. He does such a great job that when you look at it in a picture you think that it’s the chain coming down the painting truly. The second piece is from his Time Machine Collection but I was unable to find its name. The way he adds wires to the exterior of the painting is so persist that it really makes you have to look at this piece to determine whether its wire your looking or it’s what he painted. His ability to paint something to look as realistic to as exterior pieces he adds to his work is unbelievable. Pictures really don’t do justice with his work if you ever have the chance to view his pieces jump on it. You can find his work in the Hangaram Design Museum, Illinois State Museum, Verge Art Brooklyn and he had some permanent pieces in the collection of the Rockford Art Museum.

What do you think of his style of work?

Do you like art that it is deceiving at first glance?

Have you ever heard of this artist? If so how?

Marcus Martino


18 thoughts on “Jason Brammer Time Machine Series

  1. I do like this. This isn’t an artist I’m familiar with. There is an ephemeral element to his work that is intriguingly satisfying.

    It isn’t always how something is created, when it was created or even why that is compelling to me. It’s the layers and depth that’s put into it that gives a work its success. This is one of those works that has a certain depth and character to it that is really exciting.

    I know I always disliked it when someone said something like … I just like this. When asked why, the response is: I dunno. It’s important to know why a person likes something or doesn’t like something. Though, I’m struggling to articulate why I like this, I can say that there are several devices in play here. In one standing, there is this esoteric quality here. On another plane, I can see, though, through my ownshallow scope, what is going on here. Both are complicated pieces to discuss, but, yet, simple to observe and enjoy.

    Perhaps, in giving up the struggle to understand, I may gain the truest refinement of these works by, simply, retiring into enjoyment and waiting for the answers and meanings to present themselves when they are ready.

    • i have to say i agree with you. I hate when someone gives one word answer to a question that requires at least a sentence. I just notice that the one of the pictures posted wasn’t the same piece that i talked about in my blog my apologies.

      • I think it’s about taking the time to learn about the creative process. In art, just learning and using some of the words we learned (balance, perspective, rhythm…), can be insightful. Even if we use the wrong word to describe how or why we like something, it can create a dialogue where we can learn something.

        Here, as I look again, I can see the colors are vivid. It almost looks like we are a part of one of the paintings, like we are looking through a window.

        I’m wondering, now, which painting isn’t the one you intended. They’re both cool.

        The second looks ornate and like something from an old ship galley.
        It has … an almost ‘found’ quality.

        Thanks for responding.

  2. For these two pieces of art I don’t know if I should look the paintings or frames. Honestly the wildly arranged wires took almost all of my attention. I am trying to figure out what the purpose the painter had in mind for doing that. In these examples should I ignore the paintings. So I think if a painter wants people to focus on the painting he should simplify the frame, if he she wants people notice the frame then deemphasize the frame. But, if the artists is trying to think outside the box, or in this case, the frame, then these represent a strong step in that direction. It is like the artist saying that the piece is not confined to the frame, but is part of the frame. In essence the artist is combining three schools, painting, sculpture, and craftsmanship. This is to art, what fusion cuisine is to cooking.

    • I like his work because he doesn’t have a main focus point to his work. He wants the viewer to really analyze the whole piece. The art that you are referring to is media art that incorporates those three styles. Im not sure what you meant but the artist should focus on one point like the frame instead of the painting or vise versa.

  3. I do like these pieces, but I’m trying to figure out what it is about them that appeals to me. When looking at these works, I’m breaking down the elements to get a better appreciation and then view it again as a whole complete piece. I almost feel that the frame element is what commands my attention. The piece with the ornate frame has a rustic elegance to it. Is the sculptural piece all trompe l’oeil? I had not heard of this artist before. I am curious about the artist and his backstory. I think these are definitely pieces where my perception would change if I viewed them in person.

    • a lot of his media art is something that needs to be viewed in person. I was able to view some of his work in person and thats what really pulled me in. Great post!

  4. I can definitely agree with you when you say you can’t connect to a piece of art work by just looking at it a picture of it. I think when you look at a picture of a piece it doesn’t tell the whole story there is so much more detail to that piece when you look at it in real life just like these two pieces of art. Two things that I really like about these two pieces is the fact that he mixed painting and sculpture together I didn’t even know this type of art existed but I do now. I like the painting a lot because it gives you an entrance to what looks like another world. The first picture looks like your entering the heavens the second one looks like you are looking into a lake because of its dark blue color. The frames have a lot of detail around them which makes it very unique you can tell the artist put in a great amount of detail for the viewer to notice. To answer your first question I really like Jason Brammers work because it not only focuses on the painting that is in the middle but also on the outside the frame that is holding a painting which I think a lot of people when they go to art museums don’t always pay attention to that they tend to focus on the middle because that is what draws their attention this artist mixed it up a little which a lot of artists don’t do.

    • When i chose these pieces i wanted to relate it to how you must view something in person to really capture the meaning of the piece. I like how you pointed out that you don’t find that many artist that mix it up.

  5. I really love the use of both these pieces! i love the hardware used to create the art! the love the rays of light that extend off of the canvas and onto the frame, really intertwining the entire piece. I think that Alex Grey’s style of art is very unique and and i really love how there is no exact focal point yet everything seems to flow together so effortlessly. i also like how light and ariy all of the art seems to be. i have heard of this artist! He is well known in the underground community and i love how his free spirit lifestyle shows through in his artwork!

    • Well put leslie! This was a piece that we viewed last year at revision in the art gallery they had set up haha. When i chose theses pieces i wanted the artist to have some connection to the chicago culture that i some much enjoy.

  6. Marcus,

    I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m a sucker for anything “Chicago” or “Illinois” related. I’d like to see more things done in state: whether it be jobs that should be outsourced, or art done by talented people. Your friend is no slouch to that. I love the use of colors he used even in the frames. This attention to detail is something the other states need to start paying attention to! To answer your 2nd question, I think the longer something stays in your mind, the better it is. Whether or not it’s good can be determined by how long you take notice of it. I liked these pieces from the start, and then to only learn they’re born and bred in Chicago only makes me like them more.

    • i wanted to really stay connect with my home state and i think some of the best art is still to be found in this city..Great post!

  7. I really like this artwork. I don’t believe I have seen any artwork done by him. It is a plus that he has artwork in Chicago is a plus. I really like the fusion that is in the artwork. One of the pieces of artwork drew my attention to the top of the picture which I really liked. His artwork is different which is a good thing. I will definitely have to check this artist out.

  8. I love the picture within the picture. Looks like a distant ocean or something but I like it. I have never heard of this artist before but again I do like the piece.

  9. I love mixed media art a whole lot so seeing some here is a real treat. To begin with the collection title marks the whole collection as very obvious as to what the artist was intending. The pictures themselves have a raised feel, almost protruding into our own world in the most fantastic way. The artist takes the literal sense of “a painting is a window” and incorporating that into an intriguing way. Making it seem as if the painting is literally a window into these other worlds and that the barrier between is nonexistent. Its fantastic to see such surrealism in a mixed media piece and definitely makes me want to check out more of the artist!

  10. I happen to really enjoy these two pieces. They are two different pieces yet to me, seem to use similar techniques. I love how the artist gives the images a glossy look and just captures beauty. I have never seen these pieces and i honestly think that this is a breath of fresh air because I think there is a message to these pieces. I am not exactly sure if I’d be right but the photo without the wires seems much more open and willingly beautiful with the way the sun is shining through the painting. The other painting on the other hand, makes me feel as though there is something captivating that beauty of nature as if the light cant escape. Really good pieces here thankyou for sharing!!

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