A Different Type of Art

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When someone usually thinks of art they think of using different tools to create that piece of artwork those types of tools usually include a pencil, crayons, paintbrushes, pastels or even chalk. But could you ever image using a body part to create this art, now you may be thinking using your hands or feet to create it but some artists have gone to new measures and have started using their tongues, breasts, private parts, eyes and even their vomit as tools to help them accomplish their art. The reason I chose this is that I have always found this type of art interesting. Since I was child I have always loved using my fingers and feet to create art they were fun tools to work with and it was always interesting to see how your painting would turn out. When I have spare time I usually use my fingers or elbows to create random paintings it’s a neat thing because I always feel more connected to what I just painted. This got me thinking about the question do artists use different body parts to create different types of art. Then I started doing research it turns out they do I chose to write about this because many people do not know that this technique even exists and I was also surprised to find out how good some of these paintings look. This first artwork is by Ani K he is an Indian artist that uses his tongue as a palette and also uses his tongue to paint on the canvas he has painted over a thousand pictures. It took him 3 to 4 days to paint Leonardo’s famous last supper painting. The artist saw his teacher painting with his feet and he wanted to do something unique and that is why he chose to use his tongue as a tool to create artwork. This piece of artwork reminds me of the high renaissance painting the last supper that was created by Leonardo Da Vinci. This type of artwork kind of reminds me of the metal point technique because even though this technique uses a piece of metal to draw you have to be careful because you can’t just go back and erase it this is comparable to the tongue painting because once you have your tongue on the canvas you can’t just decide to erase because your tongue leaves the paint on the canvas permanently. The second piece of artwork is by an England artist named Millie Brown who uses her vomit to create works of art. Browns art work reminds me of a technique called spattering where the paint is being sprayed or flicked onto the surface of a painting using a paintbrush and oil paint. But in browns case she is using her mouth and the dyes that she vomits on to the canvas. Both of these artists have opened up a new world of not just using the same tools to create art but actually becoming connected with the art. In Ani K’s case he wanted to make himself stand out in the art world and be known for something no one has ever done before which he has made his dream come true. Brown has stirred up a lot of controversy because of many people thinking this promotes bulimia which is does not Brown wanted to create something raw and real and at the same time use her body to create art which she has. Both of these artists have reached their goals as to what they wanted their art to accomplish. With art changing everyday it will be interesting to see what artists use to create their next art piece.



  1. Do you think this type of art is considered more skilled than art that requires art tools?
  2. Which artists painting do you like better and why? Would you ever consider trying this out?
  3. Do you think that this type of art in museums would influence more people to visit museums?

Carla Chavez

Additional information: the links below show videos of how the artists create their art





9 thoughts on “A Different Type of Art

  1. I have see all kinds of different techniques that people use to paint but I’ve never seen or heard of someone using their tongue talk about being unique. Both seem to be hard and you must understand the concepts of art and principles to create something great. I think they are equal because a basic understanding is needed and when someone practice something over and over they master its as Leonardo Da Vinic.

  2. I have heard of quadriplegics holding paintbrushes with their teeth to paint and also of the use of other body parts by other artists. I hadn’t seen the tongue artist before, but it is amazing to see what he has created. I had not heard of Millie Brown either. I looked her up and I guess she is known as Lady Gaga’s vomit artist. I have to admit that the thought of someone using vomit as an art material makes me want to, well, vomit. I don’t find the idea of mixing body fluids with materials to create art appealing, but that’s just me!

  3. You know, I must be honest. I don’t have kids, but, I’ve had pets that were ill, so, the fluid art thing is something force out of my mind.

    My apologies, but, I’ve been around that too much. But, as difficult as it is for me to imagine anyone doing or using that as a medium or device for creating art, I can say, I must say go for it.

    I’ve seen previous posts on fluids or scat used in art and have a healthy respect for it, yet, move right along.

    The concept of body art … now, that is something that I do venture to say that it could be a fascinating point of showcasing art. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be exhibited in a museum.

    It’s not a whole lot different than tattoos, only, the application is different. The creation of art via different applications doesn’t matter, in my opinion. What the message or intent conveys does.


  4. Using body parts may seem interesting and might even create a work that evokes emotion and thought. But, when considering a medium such as vomit, the yuch factor is just too strong. Just applying blobs of paint to canvas really limits how much design and artistic elements can be created. The simplicity that results does not give the mind enough to think about to rise to the level of good, let alone, great art.

  5. I like both pieces and in there own setting I believe that they serve there purpose. But I must say the last supper would be the one I like the most. I would never consider trying to do the last supper that is much to complicated and I am not an artist. But the 1st painting yea I can throw some colors on a piece of paper and call it a day sure lol.

  6. Obscure methods of painting are an interesting perspective. Like a lot of artists in the Modernism era, distilling the creation of art, asking why something looks pleasing to the eye, whereas this other thing doesn’t, this piece is again distilling the creation of art down to the true techniques.

    Most people tend to rag on art like this as “just planes of color” or as not having artistic merit. But behind every piece, and every solid square of color, is an explanation. Why does one feel cold when looking at a solid blue canvas? We know this now because of the artists who explored this concept. This is in the same vein. “Does the technique of application of colors to canvas affect our perspective on art” is what these pieces are asking.

    You decide if it matters, but that, in my opinion, is what these pieces say. Its a question for the audience to answer, and a very good one at that.

  7. I could relate to this type of art with using hands to paint and possibly even feet, but vomit and private body parts is far too extreme for my taste! I was amazed to even find out that there are people out there crazy enough to experiment with this! One the other hand, in today’s society people no longer stay within the considered “norm”, so I guess anything goes!

  8. This is such a unique perspective. Definetly one that made me question why there are people out there who condem to these extremes. But if it works for an artist I suppose there should be no judgements. I just hope that those that find different strategies that work for them use those strategies to create their artwork and not for the use of attention. I recently went to the art museum in Chicago last winter and saw a piece that literally blew me away! It was created by an artist who swung from rope clinching a paintbrush between his feet and dragging the wet paint onto his canvas. It was so appealing reading how the piece was created. He has even had performed live in front of audiences while he was making his pieces.

  9. Carla,

    I think creativity in of itself is one of the greatest achievements we as a people have worked towards. The fact that someone in this earth is original enough to try something as new as using unorthodox body parts to paint is astonishing! The problem is that I think underexposure has a huge say in why this particular artist isn’t seeing as much attention. If we were to put these works of art along others done with a brush, I wouldn’t be surprised if people said that it wasn’t anything special. Only after learning that it was drawn with a tongue would they start paying attention. Hopefully maybe social media or something could help artists like this get more time in the spotlight.

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