The Multiple Faces of Automotive Art

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When it comes to art, art can be known for anything! Particularly speaking, photography. Instead of picking any kind of photography i decided to throw in a part of me into this. Cars have always been a huge part of my life and a passion. Cars are art! I say car are art because although it may be in most cases expensive cars give out a big chunk of who we are and our personality. For example I own two cars. A Cadillac cts 07 and then a Nissan 350z 03. Its interesting to show that both cars bring out a part of me and who i am. My Cadillac is all blacked out with a hint of pink. I love pink because I’m most definitely a girly girl. Then again I have a blue 350z because i also love blue. Which shows my tom boy side as well. What i did with my 350z was interesting because the body is blue but the rims are yellow which are complementary colors. Complementary colors are used to stand out, something i intended to do. My Cadillac shows my more of a simple or basic side of me having a black body, black rims, and tinted out windows. Aside from my cars i also love taking pictures of other cars too. Car photography is especially important form of art because its not always the car but its how you take the picture. Your shot can depend on lighting, angle, and back ground! A lot of people beg to differ about the fact that cars are art because you didn’t physically make these cars or car parts. It is although fact that anything can be art no matter what it is. Art is a passion. Cars are my passion. Aside from how a car looks another aspect about automotive art is also how it preforms. Just like how a art utensil is used to make art. Some cars race other cars drift. Racing is depended upon the engine and can be accelerated with turbo or boost. Drifting is depended upon the driver and how that driver turns the wheels to go side ways. My last example is the beauty and variety’s of art. For example, we have the BMW e30 89 which is a boxy type body frame and obviously is an older car. This car isn’t quite the eye catcher but the performance it brings upon a drift track is outstanding. Then we have a Nissa 240sx also not the best looking but its one of the most used drifting vehicles. Finally we get to the real and true beauty of it all. Its like the mona lisa for us car enthusiasts. The Nissan gtr skyline and the Toyota Mk4 Supra. Everything about these two cars give us enthusiast goose bumps. Some add there own color and taste to their cars and then others keep it simple and clean. What ever it is whether your cars old or new, black or blue, different or simple, it still shows you. This is something to me that i call art and what i think is artistic to me. Just because its not a sculpture or painting doesn’t mean its not art. Art can be anything we want it to be that’s the real true beauty of this subject.
How do you think auto-motives are seen as art?
Is automotive art only seen on the outside of the car?
Can automotive art be seen through performance of the vehicle?
Nicole Pervan


9 thoughts on “The Multiple Faces of Automotive Art

  1. The art in car design is the art of salesmanship. Car manufacturers are multibillion dollar enterprises. They prey on people’s emotions to sell their product. Selling people the idea that they are making a personal statement by selling a mass produced item, especially one with a horrible carbon footprint, is taking advantage of people who do not want to think about what they are doing. That said, there still is a little bit of room in the design of a vehicle that can show some artistic bent. It would seem doubtful that anyone who has seen Rolls-Royce silver blue paint would call it ugly. Plus it is possible to combine good principles of aerodynamics into a graceful vehicle. However, pictures of ordinary cars, (not the cars you will see in the Austin Texas annual “Car Art” parade), is reminiscent of the movie”Little Murders”. The protagonists was a photographer who received high praise for his picture of mainframe computers.

  2. When I looked at this post, the first thing I thought of was this TV show that aired on MTV around 10 years ago called Pimp My Ride. Anyone else remember this? My children were teenagers then and I thought what kind of crazy show is this. It was hosted by rapper Xzibit and the premise of each episode was to take a car that was just a piece of junk, but beloved by its owner, and then customize it to suit and reflect the owner’s personality. I ended up totally fascinated by this show which certainly had aspects of art and design. I think that design is functional, but I guess that artistic design contains elements of art. Interesting post. I had not thought about this topic before!

    • When I first saw this I thought how in the world could cars be art but then I really thought about it and after reading your blog I can definitely relate. I do agree with you when you say art can be anything it really can be and when you relate this to cars it can tell a lot about a person. I see cars out on the road out all the time and I always seem to see cars that have the front eyelashes and I can definitely tell the driver is a girl because of that and a friend of mine his car is red his favorite color and on the inside he has fast and the furious seat covers which you can definitely tell from that he is a guy that loves cars. I think even the type of model and car can tell a lot for example, every time I think of minivan I think of soccer moms or when I think of Ferrari’s I can tell that person really has the need for speed. To answer your second question if art is only seen on the outside of the car no not at all I think art can be the type of engine it has it could also be the inside of the car or even the little features some cars have to them like spoilers, headlights, tints. I also think that the bumper stickers that people put on their cars also tell what type of person that is or even what type of values they have. I think that this can also be seen as art.

  3. I agree with everyone that believe cars are art. When designing a car you are looking at it in many different views. You want a car to be clean and sleek but at the same time you must have proper arrow dynamics which plays into art and science. Ive always had a thing for cars and working on them has always came to me easier then others. I have a friend that reminds me of you she has a mk4 Supra and a 350z. the 305z is white with pink accented interior as well as engine. Very clean and when i drove the Supra you can definitely feel that the focused more on the dynamic and performance then the interior. Cars are what i believe to be a rich mans art like jay leno.

  4. I’m more of using cars as utility. I go with what i can afford and then with craftsmanship, how well it’s made and such, then with mileage and so on….

    I do enjoy a beautiful car though. They look great with all their refined curves and pearlesent (sp?) paint jobs.

    What one does to modify or make one’s car one’s own is a reflection of one’s character or style, so, that point is taken.

    After seeing Furious Seven this weekend, I’m reminded of how popular the car culture is. It’s not just classic rides, ’57 Chevys or an old Studebaker, or … what what was it i saw one time, a ’37 spider I think…

    It’s these tuner cars that can tune us right in to a whole new culture or style and appreciation.

  5. I like that the different cars have the different backgrounds with the different colors added. Each car is unique in its own way and is different from the other. Nice wheels nice models and different types. The lighting from each pic is directly on the car which is nice as well.

  6. I think that a lot of people can consider cars as art because just like on any other canvas, you have to decide color, dimension, structure and proper flow. Everything is put in specific places for specific reasons! I really like the different twist you put onto this blog! I like the models you chose weren’t all brand new and i definitely appreciate the variety you have shown us!

  7. The ability for humanity to customize literally every aspect of their life has always been a fantastic concept. Ever since the dawn of humanities consciousness, the ability to create an environment in which one feels the most comfortable, and can easily express their identity, have been an admirable trait. It was really interesting hearing about the different kinds of body types, not to mention the photography involved to make a car look its best is its own art.

  8. Nicole,

    I think automobiles have a lot going for it in terms of art. For example, what would a painter or sculptor do when preparing to work? Gather materials, spend time researching colors, choose the perfect medium, find a model, go through some tests, and spend painstaking time on making that creation into their own. The same thing can be said about cars. I don’t think that just because you’re working on a car means it isn’t art. The amount of thought that had to come through someones head in order to design some of these cars you posted must have been outrageous!

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