Art Road Hands Sunset Motorcycle


I have always been crazy about motorcycles and the thrill of the ride. This painting represents how bikers feel on the open road when its just you, and GOD.  I have a Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle and this painting reminds me of when I ride either alone or with my MC. The artists name was not displayed for this painting but the colors and detail he or she used to design this painting are excellent.  Even if you do not ride you at least get an idea of what it could feel like and how beautiful the sunset is when your just out in the open. I believe the artist wanted everyone to be moved by this painting and in doing so made it very realistic and with feeling. I really love this painting and before I chose this I looked at a lot of different paintings that had motorcycles and people riding them. But this one captured the ride within art and I think that is amazing. I never really was an art person and I’m still not but I know when I see something I like and or something that moves me.  The artist makes it look like the road never ends. The vanishing line separates the ground from the heavens in this painting. And if you look very closely you can see the same line in the rearview mirrors on the bike itself.  This gives another indication that the biker has been riding for a while. And this painting also ilistrates that this road is more of a dirt road not a highway. Taking this art class was a good thing for me because it helps me pay attention to detail a lot more. When you look at a picture or painting and your not really into art you tend to focus on just what is in front of you. You do not look around you or look for little details but since I have been in this class I will never look at pictures or paintings the same way again.

  •  Why do you think the artist used a sunset for this painting?
  • The bike this shown looks like an older model. Why do you think the artist chose to use and older model instead of a newer model?
  • Do you think the artist was trying to get you to feel anything with this painting?

Michael Almodovar


14 thoughts on “Art Road Hands Sunset Motorcycle

  1. This is an excellent piece. It seems so visceral. It kinds looks like it’s photo-realistic, bu, I know it’s not. This painting looks like is was painted from a photo or something, since seems so real, the colors are so vibrant and vivid.

    I do get the sense that this is as much about being in the present while moving forward and, yet, being reticent or cognizant of the past. Knowing where one is know and being in control of it, while also being able to direct ones own direction in the coming moments while keeping aware of where you just were and what from the past may haunt oneself – not to mention the calm unease or unsettling confidence of what yet comes ones way on the road to wherever the riders destination is, that is as much the mystery in the mindfulness of this work …

    It seems that the sunset, in my opinion, could be a sign of things coming to an end or that change is ‘on the horizon’. It could be a modern turn on the theme of the ‘cowboy riding off into the sunset’.
    The romantic theme of riding free, being one with the road .. it goes way way to the horse and his/her rider, the discovery of the frontier, being alone in peace is as much of the experience as anything else – there’s nothing like it. Being ‘out there’ in the wide open is special, ethereal even. I think that’s what the artist was going for. Time is of the essence, to be measured, yet, immeasurable as it is infinite and, yet, nothing at all as it has the power we give as much power to it. Are we the slave t time? How much power over us does it have? Are we spending it, using it wisely, or, is it like that leaky faucet, slowly dripping away, out of sight into the past – out of sight, out of mind? This is a provocative piece for me, obviously … I’ll end my rant now …

  2. this was a great piece for me to relate too since i use to ride. i know the feeling of when your out on a ride and theirs a sense of at piece. I use to take my bike out when i was stressed and overwhelmed. once i was on the road i would forgot all those stresses and your able to appreciate the world and your able to really appreciate your surroundings.

    since my accident i haven’t really thought about every riding again or even about why i use to ride. as i analyze this piece it reminded me of why i use to love riding so much but i still remember everything i had to go through to get healthy again.

    i really like how the artists chose the sunset. its like i was saying before the sunset is peaceful and when your riding you are at piece with your self. the wind blowing through your hair, the smell of the out doors and even the temperature changes as you high certain high points and lows. also i liked how deep and saturated the colors are the sense of balance to the piece. One thing i didn’t like was the fact that it looks like hes riding on a dirt road. i don’t know if its because i use to ride and i know that riding on a dirt road is not a good idea. all together i would really like to know the name of the artist and what kind of other painting are out there by this person. i really enjoyed writing on this post. it helped bring me back to the good times of riding.

  3. Love the sunset! I spend my summers on the other side of the lake and enjoy many evenings at the beach during sunset. I love when the world around you is bathed in the yellow-orange glow of the setting sun, and the multi-colored hues of the sky appear magical. I see and appreciate that in this piece. The older model motorcycle has a nostalgic vibe and, as Ryan commented, I envisioned the cowboy riding off into the sunset, as well. So, this piece gives me a feeling of both romance and nostalgia. Nice subject!

  4. This is an amazing piece. I love the landscape and the wide variety of colors used to show detail in the painting. I believe the artist used the sunset in the background to show his love for motorcycles and riding. Usually when someone uses the phrase “riding off into the sunset”, it means on a horse, but the artist gave that phrase a different aspect. That is one of the first things I thought of when I saw this painting. The classic choice of bike was used probably to give a more relaxed and enjoyable ride. With that view I would want a comfortable bike that I could cruise on, not a very fast bike just to zip up and down that road. I would want to enjoy that ride, not have it be just a blur. The artist was definitely trying to create a “riding of into the distance” feel and I believe he/she achieved that.

  5. At the first glance, my eyes are caught by the line of the horizon where the road is vanishing and there is bright yellow sunlight. The land is flat and desolate, no buildings, no houses, only three trees on this wide open plain. When my eyes move on to the brilliant orange colors of the clouds, I can almost feel that those clouds are changing color and shape. Then I look down the painting, where I see the handle bars and front of a motorcycle from the driver’s perspective. The clarity of the motorcycle contrasts with the blur of the dirt road to give a feeling of speed. The artist uses sunset, I think, because he/she wants to question us. Do we have a fear if it turns to dark? Do we feel lonely if there is nobody? Can we go through the darkness of the life to know that we will welcome the sunrise?

  6. This piece of art is beautiful and it reminds me of an image from a movie or even real life. The reason being is because it gives you this feeling of being over like you have finished something and now you finally get to relax and ride your motorcycle. I guess what I am trying to say it is the ending to a perfect story. The first time I saw this painting what really captured my attention was first the motorcycle then the sunset. You bring up a good point about how the person that painted this was trying to give everyone a feel for how it is to ride a motorcycle. I myself have never ridden a motorcycle but now I can see the view of what a person exactly sees when on a motorcycle and it does look pretty and just from the picture you get this fresh breathe of air. I agree with what you said about this painting capturing your attention it definitely captured mine. The sunset and the view from the motorcycle is just such a real image and the colors in this painting make it even more real and makes the painting stand out even more. To address your second question as to why the artist chose to paint an older model instead of a new model, I think he chose an older model to give the picture this old, genuine, original type of feel. The reason I say this is because older motorcycles are considered more valuable or even better than a new motorcycle because there are not too many of the older ones around which gives the motorcycle this genuine and originality feel to the motorcycle and I think that’s what he is trying to show also through this painting.

  7. I really like this piece of artwork because it makes you feel like you are riding into the clouds. Also I like the vanishing point that is in this artwork. This artwork also makes you feel like you are on the motorcycle which is amazing. This artwork is simply fantastic when I first saw it I didn’t know what to look at the background or the motorcycle. This is a very interesting piece of artwork. Also mike you did a great job talking about this artwork. This motorcycle also isn’t a fancy bike or anything it is just a regular motorcycle. That makes this piece so much more interesting. I feel like a fancy motorcycle would have ruined this painting.

  8. This is a very unique and beautiful painting. I love how the artist incorporates an infinite sense into different aspects of this piece. The never ending road, the wide open skies, and the beautiful effect of the sunset all help to create this. The textures applied into the clouds are also a good technique that shows the different layers through out the sky. The element of time seems never ending in the cyclists ride as well as the setting around them. When I look at this painting it reminds me just to take a step back and relax. There is no rush or destination to be seen which provides a calm sense in this piece. Our world today is so fast paced and non-stop its nice to have a feeling of peace and serenity. I also have to comment on how the artist incorporated the setting around the cyclist into their rear view mirrors. I love this! It is an interesting and unique touch to this creation. Beautiful variety of colors as well!

  9. I really enjoy this painting as well! the colors and endless road just remind me of a dream road trip through the west! The warm earth tones and complex sky also create good flow. Looking at this painting really makes me want to be wearing aviators and on my way to vegas! My favorite part of the painting is the reflection in the rear view mirrors, i like the details that was put into that, not something i would notice right away but definitely a cool touch! I also like the point of view that the painting is done in, i like the we just have the riders perspective, which allows the painting to capture more scenic images and really feel what the rider must be feeling. Overall great choice! A unique piece!!

  10. This piece is a great example of how perspective can invoke a sense of openness, often felt on the highways and especially in the Midwest. The artist has a great sense of perspective and knows exactly how to emulate that seemingly endless viewpoint. The coloration is also fantastic, showing pretty much every color the sky holds at sunset.

  11. Love the almost wavelike clouds used in the sky. Almost gives the sky an oceanic presence. Beautiful perspective and vanishing point. Really captures the rustic feel of the environment as it rushes past you. Also the mirrors do a beautiful job displaying motion to give the surroundings more depth.

  12. Micheal, this piece is really special! We all secretly have a passion for something and for what ever that might be it captures our soul and it transends within ourselves forever. I love that you chose a piece of work that is relevant to what you feel when you ride your bike. I loved from the get go that the setting takes place during sunset. I think that the artist chose this setting because it is somber and raw. I think its during these times of the day that we reflect and feel comfortable in the moment of something capturing our souls. The texture of the clouds and horizon look just perfect! I did not see that the mirrors had a reflection as well and i thought that was so detailed and creative. Over all this piece speaks not only about what is happening but also gives us a little insight of your soul and your passion! Thank you for sharing this with us!!!!

  13. Hey Coach,

    I didn’t see you as a big motorcycle kind of guy! I think it’s really cool how your interests can transcend into your favorite artworks. For instance, I like playing video games and working with computers, but unfortunately, I don’t really run across any art pertaining to my hobbies. Maybe in the future, art will take an even greater free flowing form to allow for these differences to pass. Your second question is interesting because it leaves a lot of room for interpretation, I’m assuming you mean by how old the bike is. For instance there can be a lot said about why he used an older model. I think that the classics are classics for a reason, so why fix something that isn’t broken! Many of the new sportier cars, for example, aren’t very popular with the older crowd. That much I do know about things with engines!

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