Who would have known ART tasted so good!

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One of my first jobs as a teenager was working at a chocolate store making tiny chocolates, fudge and caramel apples.  One doesn’t realize the art factor when it comes to making eye popping, delightful, colorful chocolates.  We just pop those delicious treats right into our mouths.  We take for granted the various, beautiful and articulate designs our chocolate comes in.  Well take it from one who knows the amount of time and patience it takes to make that one beautiful piece of chocolate, that chocolate can easily be called an art form!  Various types of mediums also go into making chocolate, for example balloons, paint brushes, airbrush tools, molds and many more.  There are many terms as well that are used in the chocolate making world that are very similar to other types of art such as: sculpting, painting, molding and shaping.  One would not usually first think of art when chocolate comes to mind but if you haven’t already the pictures associated with this blog tell another story.  The time and effort that I personally put into making these chocolates takes skill, time and a lot of patience.  One of my first projects was to create and all around edible chocolate bowl of mouse for a nearby restaurant.    Using our creativeness we creates a elaborate flower shaped bowl that held the chocolate mouse as well as tiny 3D flower shapes to sprinkle on top.  After creating our special made dessert, it was then that I realized that making chocolate was more than just for eating.  We had begun creating art that tasted so delectable!  I guess you could say this wouldn’t be a form of art that would last very long when it taste so good!

Fallon Piraro


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