Nail Art

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Ever since I can remember I have always loved to do my nails. I would love to take my mom’s nail polish and just do my nails. As I got older I would never leave my house without my nails being done. I have long nails so I never really had to go to the nail salon to get my nails done. It wasn’t until I was in high school that everyone was getting their nails done at salons. So I decided to finally go get my nails done. I fell in love will all the nail art, from having zebra print to having all my nails sparkling. There is so much art nail from having a Christmas tree on your nails to having a minion or 3D nail art like bows or flowers. There are also different types of nails you can get. You can get acrylic nails or gel nails. You can also get a regular nail manicure or you can get no chip nails. The difference between a regular manicure and a no chip manicure is that the no chip uses the nail polish that gel nails use. That nail polish can last you up to three weeks or more. I personally like to get acrylic nails. They last me about two weeks. Then I go get a refill. There is a show that recently just started airing called Nail’d It and nail artist compete to see who can design the best nails. People do some really cool 3d nail art that you couldn’t imagine. They have made a tree on a nail to 3d candy to having 3D fantasy art, a bride wear a bouquet on her nails. I wouldn’t be surprise to see more crazy nail art in the future.

  • Do you think nail stylists are really artists?
  • Do you think people over do their nails?
  • Do you consider nail art real art?

Maria Valdez


7 thoughts on “Nail Art

  1. I do think that this is a form of art, its just not meant to last through the ages. It is more of a quick little piece to be enjoyed while it lasts and show off how they look while they are new. at the same time, there are way more important things going on in the world/country than getting the most beautiful nails and for that reason, I do think that its way over done.

  2. Hi Maria,

    I do have to agree with trimblekyle, it is truly an art (the nail acts like a canvas). People put thought into what color to use, the design, everything. As a woman, I love the when my nails are done, it makes me fell put together and really completes my look (the clothes I might be wearing that day). But to be truly honest its an art that I find not as important. It tends to wear off and chip easily and it’s only temporary. Nail art is art, but it’s trendy art. For example I remember in high school the french tip was really in and all the girls were getting it, then fall rolled around then the trend went to black nail polish, then winter came…and so on. Nail art isn’t really consistent, and there’s no stable foundation to it.

  3. I truly believe this is a true form of art. When you think about it really takes true craftmanship and technique to create something so beautiful. It just amazes me that with such a tiny brush people are able to create and image that is extremely detailed. Its facinates me even more is people who do their own nails and they turn out just as accurate. My girlfriend does her nails all the time and she is extremely good at doing it. She can actually do some of the same designs seen in some of these pictures that are posted. She buys a certain type of polish that has a chemical in it to preserve the nail polish to last longer. It is very time consuming to complete and you must clear a chunk of your schedule to complete. Some of the images above are quite ridiculous and over the top, especially the one where there is a bouquet of flowers. What would motivate someone to have a bouquet of flowers on their fingers??

  4. Hello Maria,

    I wanted to start my comment by telling you that you did a good job on your blog, I really though that no one else would bring this type of art to this blog. To be honest, I though about it when I was writing mine because I have a cousin in Mexico who dedicates her time putting nails and creating very good and gorgeous designs. In fact, I found this video on how to create water marble nail designs:

    In my opinion, I do believe that this is very creative and artistic way to make art. This should be consider to be a real work of art, in fact, there are schools that teaches you how to make all these beautiful designs. But also, there are many nail artists that really go beyond on this. They create very nice design but there is always a limit for everything. Some really go hard on this and try to impress and get attention, and not really looking on the type of work that they are doing.

    Come on, you can’t really do anything with those nails besides showing them to the public. Many people deserve the respect to be call a professional nail artist but some are just curious people that don’t know what else to add to those nails.

  5. I do consider the people who paint nails to be artists. Some are very creative and I can’t imagine being able to paint some of these designs – they are so intricate and detailed – in miniature to boot. I do think you have to be able to function with them and some people go to extremes. Of course the same thing could be said about high heels – not very practical, but we still wear them!! I personally can’t imagine spending the money on them myself but I do enjoy seeing the artwork on other people. Thank-you for sharing this – it goes to show that art comes in many shapes and sizes.

  6. I loveeeee nail art. I used to spend so much time doing my nails and putting crazy designs on them. Everyone always was so interested in what I would have on my nails. Those were the days I guess. Now that I have a child I rarely have time anymore to do my nails like I used to. I tried to see if there was a shortcut but I really don’t like the sally nail art pens that they have out now. The polish rubs off so easily. :/ I’m sure they have other ones but I haven’t had a good chance to look. Maybe you might know of a good one? I do think that nail artists should be considered artists. It takes a lot of creative work to make your nails look good.. I don’t think everyone has that ability. I do think that some of the designs are over done though. Especially the people that have the super loooonnng finger nails. I have no idea how you would even get anything done..
    Great blog though! Thanks for sharing!
    -Kelly Czajka

  7. I love this blog! I am such a girly girl and have also always enjoyed getting my nails done. And now you have reminded me to go do that! It takes skill to create the different textures, colors and images. To me this is for sure and art. I also feel its becoming more and more popular as well as growing in the fact there are many different styles. Such a fun and creative blog!

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