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I am kind of bias when it comes to my blog post because the Artist I chose is also my Best friend. We have been friends for close to 10 years. Her name is Mary Sikorski and shes a 24 year old that does photography as a hobby. Mary also is very good at painting and drawing but I love her photography most. Mary hopes that one day she can do photography for more than just a hobby. She has been offered to be paid/asked to take photos several times by friends and family. A lot of photos she does with herself as model but she has also taken many photographs of family and friends. Ever since I met Mary and saw some of her photos I have always loved them. I love the creativity she puts into them and the feel of them. A lot of her photographs have a vintage feel. She gets a lot of her clothes from her moms old wardrobe or from thrift stores. When it comes to her photos a lot of thought goes into them from what she is wearing to what her makeup and hair should look like as well as what props she may be using. Mary has been doing photography for many years now. She has been doing it it ever since she was in 8th grade. Her first camera was a point and shoot cannon camera that her dad gave her for a birthday gift. What inspired her to want to take photos is because she saw photographs of other people on the internet and it made her want to take photographs herself. I asked her if she has a favorite photograph but she said; “No, I don’t think I do. I still don’t think I’ve gotten to where I want to be with my skills with my camera, when I accomplish that, then I’ll probably have a favorite photograph.” I personally have so many favorite pictures of hers. I was very had for me too choose between older photographs that I have always loved and my new favorites of hers. One pictures that really stands out to me is the one where she painted colored dots going from her chest onto her face. I really like this picture because she looks like a piece of artwork being photographed. Mary has a favorite style when it comes to taking photographs. She likes for her pictures to have a cinematic style. Like scenes that you’d see from a movie, not in everyday life. If your interested in Mary’s photograph and would like to ask her any questions and or have her take some photographs for you, you can contact her at You can also look at more of Mary’s photographs here: (if the link doesn’t work, please copy and paste into browser)

  • Do you believe that Photograph is considered an art form?
  • Do you have a favorite style of photography?
  • Do you think that someone that takes a photograph such as on their camera phones could be considered a photographer? Or does it take more of an effort?

-Kelly Czajka



7 thoughts on “Mary Sikorski

  1. Hi Kelly,
    First off I really like that you made your blog about your best friend. As a friend it shows how much you respect and like your best friend’s talent. I have to say I really like her work, it gives off this modern vintage, hipster type feel. I can really tell just by looking at her work that she really puts thought and work into it. The clothes really go along with the background (for example the picket fence and the vintage couple). She truly does have talent and I have a feeling her creativity will just grow and grow. I hope the best for her :). To answer one of your questions: Does taking pictures on a camera phone be considered art? Ummm well this is sort of tricky. For me something that is art has to have a creative thought behind it. For example many people today take pictures of their food with their phones. Especially food that looks delicious (which now has been termed food porn), someone made that food look appetizing (putting thought into how it looks) thus making it in my opinion art. But it could also be interpreted as “hey look at what i’m about to eat…jealous?” So really I don’t really know. I guess if the taker of the photo has an appreciation for it or not. That would be the difference for me.

  2. I think Mary’s photographs are beautiful and definitely works of art. I have always been partial to black and white photos and Mary’s are gorgeous. I think a black and white picture leaves more to the imagination and can create a deeper meaning to the viewer. Most photography could be considered art but there are exceptions – I love Bea’s term of “food porn”! – I don’t think a picture of someone’s dinner to be very artistic. Even when it isn’t staged, I think some people just have an “eye” for taking pictures; they seem to know the best vantage point, angle, lighting etc. to take a memorable photo. I can see the passion Mary has for photography and you are a great friend to promote her work. I sincerely hope it takes her far, nothing is better than loving what you do for a living.

  3. Photography is probably the most prevalent form of art of our time. It started out as a way to simply document, and still is, but photographers like Ansel Adams lead the way for it being its own art form. You’re definitely right about her stuff having a “vintage” feel. I’m guessing she herself is kind of a vintage-type.

    My favorite is nature photography. I don’t think a picture taken from a phone automatically disqualifies the person as a photographer in that instance, it’s all about their intent.

  4. Photography is definitely an art from in my opinion. There are things people can do with a camera that I can not, but one reason for that is i just do not have the money to buy the equipment. It is definitely an expensive thing to get into. I do not believe that just because you take a picture means you are a photographer. there is a lot of planning that is involved. that’s why its call amateur photography.

  5. Hi Kelly,
    I want to start my comment by mentioning that you did a great job and your have chosen a very good topic for your blog. I am very happy for your friend and I really hope that she can accomplish everything she is hoping to do so. To answer your question, I personally believe that photography is and isn’t an art. I know there is a lot of debates about this topic, but the way I see it is that a camera is more like a tool, like a brush or pincel on a painter’s hand. It is used to capture (not to create) art. There are many people can capture a good artwork. A photograph captures a moment in time in its actuality, whereas something like a painting or drawing, however accurate, is essentially a rendering of whatever the artist chooses to see. In my mind, art is a subjectively biased interpretation of the artist’s subject. So for that reason, I personally believe that some photographies can be consider as art but many more should not. To answer your second questions, I don’t have a specific or favorite way of photography, I am very open and very curious about different styles, methods, and designs. I love to see photos with vivid colors. I guess I am more towards nature, abstract, and 3D. Finally, to answer your last question, I don’t think that anyone with a camera on their hand should be consider to be a photographer. Yes, we can capture nice pictures with our phones or camera, but it takes more than that for a picture to be consider an art. Photographers are educated people that learned the concepts of photography, so they know what to look for, what to capture and how to do it professionally. I really enjoyed reading your blog. Nice job.

  6. I also love photography, taking pictures is something that began to grow in me and just like her I dont have a photographer but also got inspired by a social media and not only that, but just like your friend I would also like to take photography professionally as well, instead of just a honbby. I can relate to your friend, since she draws and paints and is a photographer. I think she is a visionary artist. Like she can imagine how she would like things to turn out using her imagination and putting it into effect. Its a skill that I improved because when someone tells a joke or is descriptive, I can picture an image in my mind. I think both me and your friend feel like we are directors in how we want things to be shown, and creative creators of art as well. Good job to your friend and hope she takes her opportunities as time comes by!

  7. Yes I do believe that photography is considered an art. However I agree that your friend is very talented. My favorite photo is the one where she is inside the tub and she has the swimming gear on. I picked that one because it stood out the most to me. Even though the tub is only 2 feet with her having swimming gear on there is a subliminal message behind it. Also in my opinion anyone with a camera is not a photographer. I believe that it takes more than just having a camera. There has to be technique that goes along with the camera such as positioning, lighting, metipixals and etc.

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