Paint or Puke?

When we think of art I feel can be safe in saying that we usually do not think of puke, but not for everyone.  Controversial performance artist Millie Brown has been making art out of her colored puke and it has raised some eyebrows, as well as interest.  Millie Brown had come across watching another cry colored milk and thought how she could create art in a unique, never done before approach.  That’s when the idea came to mind that she wanted to “puke the rainbow”.  Mille Brown takes special steps in creating her colored puke.  Mille starts with making a mixture of soy milk and food coloring to make each color.  She then drinks the milk and proceeds to vomit onto her canvas making vibrant, colorful works of art.  Millie wanted her art to “come within” to be a part of her, literally.  As a Londoner, Mille had been invited to join! WOWOW!, a group of young artist in Berlin who housed together, and gifted with living rent free, are there solely to focus on creating their art.  Mille is also known for being the person who has puked on Lady Gaga.  Gaga had asked Mille to perform with her at a concert in Texas.  Gaga asked Mille if she would vomit on her during her performance on stage.  Millie took to the stage and made news for being the girl who puked all over Lady Gaga.  During Lady Gaga’s performance Mille vomited twice, first, vomiting a bold color of green on Gaga’s white lengthy dress.  And the Second session, vomiting the color black while riding a mechanical bull.  The out pour of reactions’ ranged from disgust to tears of joy.   There are many who protest Millie’s work in the name of Bulimia and feel her art form directs negativity to such viewers with the disease.  Personally it’s hard for me to watch Millie create her work.   I would never want to push my body to those lengths, knowing that frequent vomiting can cause many health issues.

 Do you feel Millie is causing harm to herself with her technique?

  • Do you feel Millie’s work can negatively affect individuals with Bulimia?
  • Would you like to own a piece of Millie’s art?

Fallon Piraro


8 thoughts on “Paint or Puke?

  1. Hello Fallon,
    Sooo my sadistic human nature self had to look up of video of this because honestly I was “Huh?” hahaha. And what I found was pretty much puke…and well Lady Gaga. I guess I can get the whole the art coming within aspect and it becoming an issue of controversy with bulimia. But the style of art coming within is nothing new, for example the Blood art that we saw a few weeks ago. Blood artists may get their blood drawn, but there is others who maybe just cut (Cutting would also be controversial). I guess the intentions are different, Bulimia is an illness in which a person binges on food or has regular episodes of overeating and feels a loss of control. A dissatisfaction with their body image. In Millie’s case she is not doing it for those intentions, she’s doing it to create something.
    In the chance of me owning one of her paintings, probably not…I’d be more worried about the smell. Probably puke just looking at it hahaha.

  2. This is actually the first time I heard of puke as an art, I dont even know what people will think of next. 😳 I wouldnt like to look at puke, but if she can make it art than shes doing something right. Well puking for art is unheallthy and she is doing damage to her body, but like anything out there, everything is harmful to us. I never even heard of anything like this until know, and like Beatriz said its nothing new, its true, and the same example she mentioned, blood in paintings. That has already been done. Its creativity in a weird way, but creative.

  3. Yikes! She sure has found something that no one has ever used before. Its unique but that’s about all I can say in a positive way for this art. I don’t think I would be able to watch her do this or even look at the painting. I have a sensitive stomach. I do however think that this may promote bulimia . Its putting vomiting in a certain light that makes her look cool for doing it. Especially since Lady Gaga promoted it. I for one would not try this but if I were to see it I may be able to make my own painting. :p

  4. OMG!! When I read the title In was in absolute disbelief!!! I’m just like Beatriz on this one! I had to watch this on video. I would have never thought of puke being an art. I always felt it was disgusting but never thought of it in an artistic way. This is definitely creative thinking at its finest. I wonder what was the inspiration behind this? Did she just say one day that she wanted to puke on a canvas? Was she really drunk one night and puked on the ground and thought to herself hmmmm..”This could be a form of art?” Lady Gaga promoted this type of art by inviting her to one of her concerts and allowing her to puke on her. Me Personally I feel like that’s a bit awkward but in a way it is inspirational for those who suffer from bulimia because she makes it look fun. The major long term problem I see is maybe her health? I’m not a doctor but I’m almost certain that this is not really healthy to do.

    • Having a weak stomach myself, I could not look at a video of this. I barely got through reading it!!!! I feel I am an open person and enjoy many different art forms but I don’t think of this as art. I recall we talked in class about another “artist” who had pooped in a bag — again, I don’t think of that as art either. These are bodily functions, not artistic creations. I don’t want to inspect what comes out of my own stomach, rear end, or nose; much less from somebody else. This is not only an unhealthy habit but I do believe it could have a negative impact on people with eating disorders. It also seems disrespectful to people that throw up because they are going through chemotherapy. As nauseous as this made me, I do have to thank-you for sharing something unique. But if you couldn’t already tell, I would NEVER own such a thing!!!!!

  5. Doesn’t surprise me about Gaga -_- This is very unique. It sounds cool and gross at the same time. I do feel Millie is causing harm to herself with her technique. I mean after so many times of puking she might have gotten use to it, but still, eww. I would personally never like to own a piece of Millie’s art.

  6. As creative as it is, its just gross. swallowing paint cant be good for anything in the digestive tract, and how can she be sure it all came out? I would never buy one of these pieces. I have to thank you for sharing it, because i know this art is out there and will be aware of what i buy. I do not want to purchase someones else’s puke.

  7. Hello Fallon
    Let me start my comment by telling you that I was very impressive and shocked while reading your blog, I never heard of Millie Brown before but it is a good thing that you actually brought her up on this blog. I will be honest and not going to lie, the technique that Millie is using to paint I would consider it very disgusting and gross. I know she wants her works of art to have something of her but I think by just painting it with your hands or any part of your body it makes it yours and very unique. I think this technique of creating art is very revolting and nasty. It definitely brings attention and it doesn’t promote anything good. I wouldn’t think that anyone will follow or be willing to use her technique to create a work of art, perhaps, it can promote harm to others and eventually make people sick by just looking or hearing about it. I will never have a piece of art of this magnitude. Very nice job on your blog. 👏😃👍

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