MUTO and other art of Blu

When I first saw this video years ago I remember the anticipation of wanting to see what the next step would be and if there was a plot to this sequence of scenes. I was amazed by the sheer scale of an art project like this and how it could be accomplished by one artist and an assistant. The artist in question is an Italian street artist who goes only by the name Blu. He has been an active street artist who travels to various cities around the world painting large images to be used in stop motion street art. This work of art is entitled MUTO, and was filmed in Buenos Aires. He uses images of human forms mixed with abstract thought to create an odd sort of narrative. Besides using his images to create moving works of art he is also an accomplished sketch artist. Watching his art in motion makes it seems as if the paintings actually move on their own. At one point in the in the video a small human-like creature crawls past a piece of metal and it moves out of the way. When witnessing this for the first time it is easy to mistake the 2-dimensional image as a solid form that makes its way across the walls. What I like most about this work of art is just how unpredictable it is. Every new scene has a different character which quickly changes into something else, rarely having any sort of relation with the previous one. Street art has always interested me for the reason that most people are only okay with it if they personally like it. Some types of graffiti are considered art while others are just seen as vandalism even when the artist is still trying to express themselves. When I traveled to Vienna a few years ago the graffiti that is up along the canals of the city is incredible. Rather than most graffiti that I see around here is was not removed and played out like one long mural running along the canal. The type of street art that Blu mainly paints is not anything spur of the moment or simple. These paintings take days to complete and to film and edit it all correctly takes a lot of work and planning. The music is also an important element of this work of art as it helps the viewer follow the story and adds sound effects as well. If I were to be a part of a project like this it would an incredible experience.

How long did this project take exactly?

Was the entire work scripted or did Blu just paint as he went along?

What sort of legal trouble could this lead to?

Thom Lund


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