Art or Vandalism


When you hear about spray paint you automatically you think graffiti, yes most people do but there are artist that can create a great work of art manipulating the paint as it is still wet. I was instantly intrigued at one of the stories on how this form of art first came to life. Back in the 1980’s in Mexico City, Ruben “sadot” Fernandez painted in front of his studio as an experiment. He later moved to “La Zona Rosa” and began attracting more people. Other people followed in his footsteps with aerosol spray paint art. I love that he experimented first to see the reaction and his experiment was a success and it is still around today. The paintings that these artists do to someone like me that knew nothing about the process my fist thought is there is no way this is going to be a good piece and to my surprise it is amazing. There is technique to it they can use several tools like spatula, newspaper, cardboards, pencils even fire etc all to create the detail. They start off with lighter spray paints and move on to darker. They seem to just spray the surface they are painting on but their technique is just that natural to them. They have to be precise and if they mess up they need to start all over, they have different layers and textures in one piece. I think spray paint art is amazing when it is art. On the contrary spray painting can be also be vandalism, destruction of property, now that I don’t particularly care for. In different parts of the city we can all see graffiti or “tagging” in slang, most of it is done with bad intensions. They take what is an absolute amazing art and turn it around and make it a nightmare for the persons/business property they are vandalizing.

Do you consider spray painting an art or vandalism?

Have you ever seen a person spray paint an art piece in front of you

Is there a piece that you were amazed by?



Maria Benitez


6 thoughts on “Art or Vandalism

  1. This is a beautiful mural. It is amazing at how vivid the picture is. I wonder if It was pre-planned or sketched before being painted. I know graffiti is vandalism, however its like a city is not a city without it. Graffiti adds character to the city. When I use to ride the train to work looking at the graffiti would be like seeing paintings on the way to the work. So much talent has to go into coming up with some of the things I have seen. My friends husband spray paints murals. When I get a home I would like him to create me one in the family room or basement. I have not come across graffiti that has really stuck with me. But this one is really nice.

  2. It’s amazing how much parts of the mural look like a portrait. The artist is truly talented. I think using spray paint rather than a paint “paste, should not change whether something is classified as art. I believe the difference between art and graffiti is mostly the intent. And that graffiti art is different than graffiti. Defacing someone else’s property is just disrespectful, no matter how beautiful it is. I used to live in Joliet and they have a lot of commissioned graffiti art and murals around the community that are done by locals. I think it’s great and does add character. When it’s relevant to the culture of the community, I think it can be inspiring and encouraging. I’ve not seen anyone in person do a actual painting though. I’ve seen quite a few pieces of graffiti art that I thought were done by very talented artists but don’t know any of their names.

  3. This is really impressive because it looks like a very hard thing to do, especially on a wall. Ruben Fernandez did a fantastic job with the detail and precision in this art piece because it looks amazing, from the colors around the piece to the shadowing and lighting on it. If spray painting is done with the intent of creating something artistic, then I would not consider it vandalism. If however, someone is spray painting something negative when they are not supposed to, then it is vandalism. I have seen people spray paint before but it was not artistic, it was just some negative comments. I have not seen a piece that I like but when I see cargo trains passing by, I can see a lot of impressive graffiti art on the train carts.

  4. I think this is a really beautiful piece. I can’t begin to think of where to start creating something huge like this. The people who can make these are truly gifted and amazing. Although I understand the rebellion and freedom that comes from tagging, I think it’s almost crossed the line of vandelism. If it is a property owned by someone other than you, you have no rights to the building. But on the other hand you can argue that natural art is almost vandalism. You don’t own that piece of land or the contents you find, so are you not creating something that doesn’t belong there? I’ve seen videos online of street artists that sit on corners and take a piece of cardboard and paint a beautiful piece of art in 15 minutes, which is really cool. Ive never seen anything live though.

  5. I think a lot of graffiti are very beautiful. I think it is one of the best ways to show your talent without hearing constant judging from everyone around you. I understand that some grafiti is gang related but the free spirited true talent grafiti is great to look at. Grafiti is all over, and why not let the world enjoy a beautiful picture for free walking around a city. I think this was a great post.
    It reminds me when you get the cartoon character drawings of yourself when at a carnival or 6flags. They are fun to look at and puts a smile on your face.

  6. Spray painting is a beautiful form of art in my opinion because the designs are usually really cool. Using buildings also provides a giant canvas for the artist to create on which highlights the work. its amazing that spray painters can create these huge works of art with spray paint cans which is messier than a paint brush but hold just as much detail. Spray painting is not vandalism if it is wanted by the owner of the property but even if the art is vandalizing a building most of the time it is still quality art work just with bad intentions. I have the utmost respect for spray painters I always thought their form of art was beautiful and incredible and wish i could learn how to spray paint.

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