The Great Escape


The first time I came across Claude Monet’s work was when I received an art book of his works from a friend. Whenever I see a work of his, a soothing, calm feeling comes over me. Monet painted many sceneries, but what most appealed to me about his work was his ability to capture light in his paintings. In this painting, called Garden at Sainte-Adresse, he is able to portray a sunny day in a way that makes us feel as if we were there, feeling the hot sun on our skin. The brightness of the colors he used contributes to the overall radiant effect that this work of art gives off. For example, Monet painted the sunlight in a manner so that it would reflect gleamingly in the water. Furthermore, you can also see the use of contrasting colors in the garden. The garden is in full bloom, and it is overflowing with beautiful, colorful flowers. In addition, he was also able to capture another aspect of weather: the wind. You can see in this painting how Monet painted the flags in a way that gives you the perception of them fluttering in the wind. What captivated me most about this painting was how he was able to capture simple things like a gust of wind, the sparks of sunlight reflecting off the water, and the transparency of the the sky.

Claude Monet was a famous French painter and one of the founders of the Impressionism movement. Impressionism was a movement that emphasized the mutual reactions of light and color in paintings of ordinary subject matter. Impressionist artists were able to capture the dream-like, sensory effects of light and contrasting colors. The painting’s background is set in the town of Sainte-Adresse on the English Channel in France. The models were part of Monet’s family, and they are situated in a garden patio that seems to give the perception of an affluent lifestyle. These models are lounging on the patio, gazing at the steam ships passing by.

  • What is your reaction to the light used in this painting?
  •  Does this painting remind you of any experiences you have had in your travels?
  •  Does this painting spark your desire to travel? If yes, where would you like to go?

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10 thoughts on “The Great Escape

  1. I really enjoyed this post! I love the painting, I must say that is a lot brighter than most paintings.
    This painting does actually spark my desire to travel, I have always wanted to travel to Italy. I always see on TV nice lake fronts and people in their row boats. This painting actually does remind me of one of those many shows I have seen on TV.

    Overall, I enjoyed learning about Claude Monet. French painter always seem to capture my attention more than any others.

  2. This reminds me of the paint by numbers I would always make my mom buy me. Besides being easy to paint, they were really pretty with the way the acrylics stood out. The light is so bright in the painting it reminds me of a summers day, hanging out with the family. It reminds me of when we would go to the Shedd Aquarium and sit on the patio in the back and enjoy lake Michigan. Also, I’d love to travel to Europe or the Caribbean islands, this also reminds me of somewhere bright and beautiful.

  3. I really enjoyed the fullness of the colors and how sharp they are. I feel like that is what really helped pull me into the painting. I could almost feel the breeze and smell the water. It is a really serene, warming piece. I like how the diagonal of the walkway and the line of foliage draws your attention to the sea.There are a lot of ships out there but the most important one seems to be the tall ship in the top center of the painting. Really great choice, I like it 🙂

  4. This is a really beautiful piece. It has a natural feel. It gives you the impression that you are taking the photo or that you are standing on a balcony watching everything. All the background details like the ships, the water and the clouds are so relaxing and beautiful. The lighting in the picture is vivid but subtle at the same time. It not unnaturally vivid. Its more real life vivid. This painting reminds me of when I went to New Smyrna Beach. The Ocean was so beautiful and peaceful there. I always am ready to travel.

  5. I really like the light in this painting because it gives it a nice outlook. I like how the light is reflected in the water in different ways, darker blue towards the right and lighter blue towards the left. This painting reminds me of family boat trips because there usually is lots of sun, wind, and other boats passing by. It gives me a relaxing feeling. Looking at this painting, I would like to travel back to Albania and hang around by the sea during the summer. That would be the ideal spot for me if I were to go in back.

  6. I really like this paint at first when I looked at it I thought it was a picture…but then I noticed it was a painting…it’s crazy how real life look artist can get from a painting…my reaction to the lighting in this is like a beautiful spring day not to hot but not to cold…and everyone is just relaxed and taking it slow…like a Sunday morning or something…this painting does remind me of last year I went on vacation to Hilton Head Island just the flags and the ocean…but it kind of reminds me of a sense from titanic. Even though there’s a garden and u can tell it’s probably on land but it looks so makes me want to just enjoy everyday life and live in a simply happy world…it’s like they live in a happy bubble and no one can pop or nothing is wrong with anyone.

  7. I love this painting! It is very refreshing and I defiently see where you are coming from with the breeze capturing the flag with the ripples. This makes me very anxious for the warmer weather to come. I am always up for going on vacation but even a nice day walking around downtown would be just as nice. I love that the colors are simple and that they are pretty much all complementary to one another. Great piece!

  8. This painting is truly something else. I love how when I first say it the first think I notices was the flowing horizontal lines, from the ships to the clouds and even the railing. This painting just because of the bright colors would be a painting that would be good in a summer home or a house along a lake. I feel that because of the very vivid colors it would be able to brighten the darkest room. It doesn’t remind me of any trip I have taken but the beautiful sight of this painting gives me another reason to want to go visit France.

  9. The works of Monet have such beauty. You can tell that the Impressionists truly appreciated natural light and being outdoors instead of a stuffy studio. You can actually feel like you are in the setting. It doesn’t remind me of a specific trip but just being outdoors on a nice day. This painting makes me want to travel to a coastal city in Spain or France.

  10. I love this painting, especially with the anticipation of summer coming. The first thing I noticed was the wind in this picture. I’m amazed at Monet’s ability to make you feel as if you are being pulled into this painting. His ability to capture light and nature’s elements such as wind is remarkable. I can almost feel the warm sun and wind on my face when I study this painting.This particular painting of Monet really makes me want to be sitting seaside or lakeside. It reminds me of an island off the coast of Italy that I visited years ago. The island was essentially a huge flower garden. This painting of Monet makes me want to travel back there.

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