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One of my primary loves is makeup art. I chose Kim Kardashian as a model for makeup art because her look demonstrates some areas that I will discuss below. Makeup art starts with a canvas which is the face.. There are very similar techniques used in applying makeup that are similar to creating a painting. When creating a makeup look the makeup artist must first apply foundation to the face. The foundation helps to conceal the skin and its imperfections to make it one blank canvas. Then there is a contour stage of applying makeup. Contouring helps define the face. You apply a darker shade in the hallows of your face and blend to give highlights and dimension to the face. After foundation is applied you can then apply a finishing powder in a similar skin tone or that is translucent to set the makeup. Another part of makeup that is similar to painting is eye makeup application. When applying eye makeup, you will also need a base cream that is a neutral color similar to the skin tone. This helps to mute the eyelid. Muting the eyelid helps eye shadows that are applied to eye bolder. Eye shadows come in the form of pressed pigments or loose pigments. The loose pigments can be applied wet or dry. When a  pigment is applied wet the eye shadow can appear, “foiled”. Eye shadows appear more cohesive when you utilize contrasting colors on the lid.  It is important that eyeshadow colors go with the clients undertone, and eye color. You use warm toned eye shadows for clients with warm undertones in their skin and cool tone eye shadows. for clients with cool undertones in their skin. Applying makeup requires similar tools that painting does. To apply liquids or creams to the face it would require a synthetic brush. To apply powder products you would use a natural hair brush typically made out of Italian Badger, Squirrel, or Goat hair. Goat hair are premium brushes because the hair picks up more pigementation. The density of the brushes also aides in makeup application. The denser the brush the more opaque an eye shadow can be. You would use a less dense brush for sheer application. Makeup is something that is a form of art. The looks of an individual can be transformed with the application of makeup. Makeup has come a long way. It was at first used for practical uses for cultures like the Egyptians who used eye kohl to protect their eyes from the sun. Now it is used for more fashion purposes by  celebrities like Kim Kardashian and by the everyday women. It’s a beautiful way to enhance your features without permanently changing your looks.

  • Do you believe the look that Kim Kardashian is wearing is achievable?
  • What attracts you to certain makeup styles?
  • If you had the time to wear makeup up would you and why?

This is a link for a makeup tutorial.

Tiffany Frierson


7 thoughts on “Makeup Art

  1. I like how you connected putting on makeup with painting an art piece, I though it was interesting. Being a guy, I never knew of the complexity that comes with makeup.
    I do believe the Kim Kardashian look is achievable as long as you have the right materials and do it the proper way. Makeup that attracts me is the kind that is applied only to a certain amount, like covering up a flaw or trying to look a bit brighter. I would not wear makeup because I don’t need to. Not just because I’m a guy, but I feel like makeup up can sometimes cover up who you truly are.

  2. I like how you go in depth of makeup application, makeup is definitely an art not everyone can apply make up correctly. I have not yet mastered the art… I haven’t tried either.

    I think that the Kim Kardashian look is possible if you have a professional make up artist or you are extremely good at applying make up. I personally don’t wear make up, I like the natural look. I love my sleep and I don’t like the damage make up does to your face when applied too often. I only wear lip gloss and possibly eye liner but on special occasions I do wear make up. If I had the time I still don’t think that I would wear makeup, there are too many people that wear make up all the time that when you see them without makeup your like wooow. I don’t want to be that person. I

  3. I like how you were able to connect makeup to art. I think the face is the most beautiful when it is natural. The look overall is definently achievable. If you are someone who has a interest in putting makeup on, or trying different looks. This was very informative about the different types of eyeshadow and brushes! You taught me everything I know about eyeshadow 🙂

  4. I think Kim’s look is achievable with patience and skill. You have to know how to use your products and how it will look when you’re done. I always admire people that can do makeup like this, mainly because I’m a little challenged at finding what looks good for myself. I like to wear makeup because it highlights my natural features. I don’t think I can pull off heavy makeup like Kim though, she has strong features that can handle heavy makeup. I like all kinds of different makeup from bold to natural but I lean towards natural because I feel it shows off the real person no just putting on a different face.

  5. In my opinion i never viewed make-up as art but more of a cosmetic mask to cover imperfections. In my male opinion I always valued natural beauty for females and thought it looked comical when girls put on too much make-up. However i do see makeup as skill because some girl’s makeup looks better than others but the girls with better makeup seem to use less makeup overall.

  6. Nice Blog! It did a good job relaying the work and knowledge it takes to be a makeup artist.

    I definitely believe a Make Up Artist is a true artist. They have to learn the same things as someone that creates with tempera, oil, pastels, watercolor, clay, or plaster. They have to know their canvas, materials, how to mix and apply them and the interaction between the two. Not to mention having an eye for color, shading, symmetry and how to define, accentuate or deaccentuate properly. And you have to do all that while keeping in mind your canvas has an opinion.

    Kim Kardashian’s makeup should be possible to duplicate because most of it is created which means it can be recreated. But since the canvas on anyone else will be different, it may not have the same result on a different person.

    I like different makeup styles based on the situation. I like more makeup for more dressed up events and less makeup for everyday. As a rule I don’t like real heavy makeup on women in EVERYDAY life because it seems too artificial. It feels like they are hiding who they really are.

    When I was younger I wore less makeup then than I do now but I still don’t wear a lot for everyday. Just enough to try to even out imperfections and accent my eyes so I look awake…I don’t get enough sleep 😉 I actually like the feel of makeup on my skin but my daughter says it makes her feel claustrophobic. I’ve known several friends with mild facial disfigurements or skin pigment disorders that dramatically and unevenly change the color of the pigment of the skin, including their faces. Their heavy makeup (foundation especially) really helps them feel like people are looking at them instead of their very visible facial “flaws.” Their makeup gives them self-confidence and even courage.

  7. I admire people who have a gift and work as makeup artists.
    Personally I like to wear “light makeup”, which always includes lipstick and eye liner.
    I am not a fan of heavy makeup because I like when makeup only accentuates face features. I believe makeup does not look good when it makes a person unrecognizable.
    I think Kims Kardashian’s look is achievable with basic makeup skills and good quality makeup products.

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