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Some things captivate the imagination in a way you couldn’t think possible.  To me that came in the way of Salvador Dali. His paintings are something out of this world, they take people into a strange and unseen place. The unexpected shapes of common things and settings make the work of art eye catching. Once you see the surrealist painting you are automatically key into looking at the painting to see what it is or at least attempt to understand what the painter was trying to communicate. They are not only strange as they seem out of a dream or a nightmare sometimes but also very complex. The surrealist artists play a lot with perspective as well as all the other values to create there paintings.  The thing that attracts me the most to his paintings are the feelings I get of being in a dream or a different dimension. A place where I can judge and challenge anything and everything.

Salvador Dali was a surrealist painter from Spain. Surrealism is a cultural movement that began in the early 1920s, and is best known for its visual artworks and writings. As we observe one of his paintings in this case the “Persistence of Memory” we notice that everything in the painting is recognizable, the clocks, the landscape, watch, tree and everything else in the painting is drawn to be recognizable however we know that the way they are presented to us cannot be real. The deliberate confusion between the real and unreal is central to surrealism. As you look at the painting you get this feeling of being in a dream and as in some dreams you get feelings of weirdness and unsettledness before you get to the calm state to know that you were in a dream. When you wake up from such dreams you go back to thinking exactly what was the significance of such weirdness but come empty every time, as every time you go back you try to figure out what was the reason of such and come out with a different explanation. Is the same thing with Dali’s paintings as we look into them over and over again there is no real solution and is because these paintings are made to mimic the dream world where there is no real explanation to this weird shapes and places because the true meaning lies in the vault of the subconsciousness.

  • What feeling dominates you when you look at something strange?  Fear, anxiety, repulsion, happiness, sadness etc.
  • What do you think of Salvador Dali’s paintings?
  • First thought when you wake up from a weird dream?

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Mario De la Cruz


10 thoughts on “Dream World

  1. I love this painting! This is one of my favorites, not sure why, maybe because it reminds me of my childhood. I used to see this particular painting in my old school and the library I used to go to. I do get the feeling of being in a dream, when I was younger I did not care much for it but as I grew up I got mixed feelings when I looked at this painting.

    When I wake up from a weird dream, I feel lost and confused and it takes me a while to process in my mind what i dreamed versus what is going on when I wake up.

  2. Great painting by an interesting artist. Salvador Dali has a very cool style of painting. It is a style I have not been familiar with. I like the unique detail in it, like how the upper part of the painting is very bright, but then the lower half gets very dark, telling us that things in dreams can change very quickly. Another interesting detail to me is how the time clocks look out of shape and sort of deflated on the surfaces they stand on. I can’t figure out what they mean but there is definitely some emphasis on the topic of time in this painting. In this painting I think It gives the topic of time a spontaneous message, especially since it is named “Dream World”.
    When I look at something strange I get the feeling of confusion because it takes time to understand it. When I wake up from a dream I feel a little confused at first, but then as the day goes on, it was just another dream that I had.

  3. Works by Salvador Dali are just exceptional. He had had this unique style that immediately caught onlooker’s eye. It’s interesting to see what was on his mind when he created this piece. All of the melting clocks must have some purpose or it may not. To me, it can mean that time is dragging when trying to recall a memory. I get this feeling of despair and wonder when I look at his works. When I wake up from a dream, I try to recall what happened and if it was remotely real or not.

  4. I’m fascinated by Salvador Dali’s ability to capture the surreal feeling of being in a dream or nightmare. I don’t usually remember my dreams so I’m amazed he can capture and translate into artwork the feeling and symbolism that is often in dreams and nightmares. Personally, though, some of his work is kinda creepy. Not a technical term, I know, but some of them really unsettle me. I don’t enjoy looking at them for the sake of enjoyment but I do like analyzing it from a symbolic point of view. Looking at something surreal is interesting to me but I definitely feel unsettled when I look at something strange that is surreal AND creepy. First thought when I wake up from a weird dream is definitely confusion.

    • BTW When I look at Dali’s picture above I feel like it’s saying something about time always melting away and there never being enough. This might be because I’m always late. 😉

  5. Great famous piece! I have always favored surrealism because it’s nice to have different perspectives on daily things. It may have been your title that influence me, but looking at this piece this time made me feel calm and relaxed like my body was relaxing and melting with the clocks. The smoothness of it also helps with that feeling, there is a lot of unity, to me. My first thought waking up from a weird dream is to pick it apart and analyze it. What fears or anxieties to I have that would cause my mind to create such images, places, events, and colors. Dreams are just a way for you brain to clean itself out. Almost like a system restore on your computer, you keep all you important documents (memories) but clear out all the little bad bits and pieces laying around that slow you down.

  6. Great piece to write about. I love his paintings because he uses bright colors and dramatic lighting just like a dream. When I look at something strange I always get anxious, maybe because I want to know what’s going on or because I’m thinking of so many different things that could be the reason why it looks that way. When I wake from a dream, I feel relief that it didn’t really happen and also a little scared as to why it occured. As I’m writing I feel like these questions relate to how and why Dali paints the way he does. The same feelings you have when you wake from a weird dream are like when you look at his work…very cool.

  7. This piece is a awesome painting. I love the droopy and deflated time pieces in the picture. I like how the forms in the pictures are clean and simplistic, but the coloring is rich. The lazy and deflated shapes of the time pieces gives me the interpretation of how we utilize time, and spend it in a dream like state. The feeling that I get when I see this piece of art is a stillness. I think the painting is a subtle play on the what we do with time. When I wake up from a weird dream, I am typically frightened.

  8. Salvador Dali what an eccentric artist! He is both unique and interesting. This piece of art induced a feeling of ambivalence in me, a feeling of apprehension and curiosity. Whenever I wake up from a strange dream, I try to analyze how much I can remember and which parts of the dream were realistic/fictional. I think that brain activity during sleep is phenomenal.

  9. I love this piece! It is just so calming and refreshing. I love how everything is overlapping on top of each other. These pieces are so wonderful! When I wake up from a strange dream the first thing I do is look around to see where I am at. I don’t remember my dreams very often, but when I do I feel like its a self conscious sign. I love trying to remember what was going on and what I did/ate before I went to sleep.

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