Monument of Alexander the Great


On January of 2014 I Macedonia. It had been 4 years since I had been there and I was surprised on how Macedonia had progressed so much. Me and my brother visited Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia. We went to the city center and the monument of Alexander the Great caught my attention because it fit the city very well. It stood out in an open area and anyone could tell that the monument had deep meaning. I have always liked history and epic stories, which is why Alexander’s monument stood out to me. Soon enough I took a picture of this remarkable monument.

The monument is a tribute to the contributions of Alexander the Great, a heavily respected hero. I really like the lion statues in the monument. The outer most part of the monument is guarded by some lions facing the outside, while some lions on the inner part are facing towards the center of the monument. The lion is an animal that signifies power and dominance; he is the king of the jungle. The lions facing outside symbolize Alexander’s power, bravery, and influence on other nations, while the ones facing towards him symbolize his loyalty and leadership towards his countrymen. Definitely compelled with epic meaning, which I liked.  You can also see the soldiers encircled around Alexander. That is also a symbolic sign on strength and power. At the right part of the photo is Alexander’s father who is standing up and waving his right hand at Alexander. He was also an important part in Alexander’s quest and the Macedonians did great by adding him to the design plan.  Right between the two proudly stands the Macedonian flag, which exhibits patriotism and pride. However, I would have picked a more lively color to the monument because it would add more character. I also do not like how the lions on the outer most part are sitting down. I think they should be standing up because it would exhibit more power. The last thing I did not like was how far they had placed Alexander’s father. I think that is a mistake because many people passing by may not understand the meaning and might think that they are two different statues. It can easily mislead people. I feel like people who pass by it would understand it a lot easier if the statues were closer together.

This monument reminds me of classic European statue designs with a look of royalty for the former young King. This monument is also a reflection of greater success in Macedonia as it blends in more with European culture. Though built post 2010, the monument depicts Alexander’s time of reign from 336-323 BC.

  • Have you ever heard of Alexander the Great or his accomplishments?
  • What is the coolest epic/patriotic monument you have ever seen?
  • Do you think the lions on the outer most part should be sitting down like they are, or should they be standing up?

This monument is located in the center of Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia. I visited Europe on January of 2014 for a 2 week vacation and one of the places I visited was Skopje. In the heart of the city is where I found this beautiful, interesting monument.

Here is a link for more information on Alexander the Great; his life and his journeys. It contains some information on Macedonia as well.

I have traveled throughout Europe and have seen many monuments, but this was honestly unlike anything I have seen before. It is a very interesting part of Skopje that says a lot about Macedonia.

Altin Shaipi


10 thoughts on “Monument of Alexander the Great

  1. Alexander the Great is a well known figure from history class. Alexander the great, the conqueror and King of Macedonia, known from untying Greek cities – states, and conquering the Persian Empire.
    The monument reminds me a lot of the Thaddeus Kosciuszko monument; the Polish hero of the American Revolution. Thaddeus Kosciusko monument is located in Chicago, in the medium of E. Solidarity Drive southeast of Shed Aquarium. Looking at both monuments I found a lot of similarities. The similarity that stands out the most is that both heroes are sitting on the horses.

  2. Excellent post! I have studied this piece before, but I can honestly say that I never realized it was so massive! It really caught me off guard! My daughter was recently learning about past US presidents in school and we’ve been looking at and thinking about a lot of the US presidential monuments, which I have to say, think owe a lot to sculptures like this! What a fun link.

  3. I do like how the statue plays with making the hero grand, which in some cultures of art is homage to the leader, or king. The lions that are sitting at the corners seem to be protecting him. I think the high pedestal would take your eye off of all the other statues that are connected to the larger statue. It looks disproportionate. The father way off does look like it is a separate piece. I like how the men sculptures around the foot of the pedestal are appearing if they are looking out for him. It gives a feel like something is about to happen, maybe a war. I have heard of Alexander the Great however I can not recall his history. The coolest monument I have ever seen was in Miami. There was this huge statue of a hand with numbers engraved in it which represented the holocaust. I think the lions should be sending. Every part of the sculpture seems to be centered around guarding him.

  4. What a great memorial. It’s beautiful and imposing and a well thought out representation of the power and strength of Alexander the Great. His story is definitely epic. I have heard of him through history classes and it has always been fascinating to me that Alexander was so young and yet so commanding and strategic that he earned the title THE GREAT. How cool is that? I think the lions around his statue are fitting especially considering his mother’s dream about him before he was conceived. But I agree that their feel may have been even more powerful if they were standing. I wonder if the father being farther off had something to do with the creators not wanting it to be about the father or maybe because there seemed to be some tension and differences of opinion between the father and son. I actually visited the Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho in Bangkok several years ago. It was breathtaking and imposing but for different reasons. The Buddha was 15meters high by 43 meters long with a lot of color and embellishment. It definitely had a different feeling than this memorial to Alexander the Great.

  5. I only know of Alexander great. I never really read up too much detail on him. I mean I’ve seen the movie and heard about him and what he did but not a lot of info on him. This reminds me of something that I’ve seen in El Paso, Tx when you go to the airport there is a huge controversial conquistador statue. Here is a link that u can go check it out and see it for yourself.

    I think that the lions should all standing up only because they say that lions are the king of the jungle and that alexander was like the king so they are like standing up at him because he’s the king and he’s the one that accomplished things.

  6. This is so cool. I usually don’t take the time to appreciate scultural art, but I am trying to make myself stop and take a minute to see the history and meaning behind them. The city is beautiful first of all, I want to jump in the picture and start roaming the streets of Skopje. What I didn’t notice until I looked at the picture was how big the monument really is! I think the size really adds to the theme of power and strength. How massive this accomplishment was to conquer the persian army, I think this also adds to how important this was to our history. I like how they incorporated the lions facing in and out, but I do agree with you and think the ones facing out should at least be standing. This reminds me of buckingham fountain in grant park. Although it does not symbolize a great conqueror, it does give you a sense of granduer and beauty.

  7. I actually love the fact that the lions aren’t facing the other way. It makes it seem as if they know he is the king of all. I also like how they have some lions facing him but some just sitting on the edge/outer circle like dogs sit by their master protecting them, I feel it shows that is it a way or honoring him. But I’m not really into the fact that Alexander looks like he made of bronze but everything else is made of stone? I am not sure if it just the picture or the lighting at the moment the picture was taken, but other than that this statue is amazing. I think it’s also great how they formed the hors as if he was ready to speed off. There are plenty of status where famous historians are ridding a horse but I really she one where the horse isn’t emotionless.

  8. Great post. The monument of Alexander of the Great is a grand representation of a lasting memorial to a great warrior. I like how he is on this huge pedestal with soldiers and lions around him for good visual support. I once heard that the stance of the horse tells how the rider died (one leg raised meant killed by a wound later on and both meant killed in action). Then I heard it’s not always true. This is a prime example because Alexander died of illness not in combat. I agree with you in that the lions around the outermost part should be in a more dynamic stance to show power and motion.

  9. This is a really cool post and i feel like the statue correctly symbolizes Alexander’s power. By making his statue bigger and putting him on a higher platform over the soldiers and lions show his great strength and influence. I have heard of Alexander the Great before and think that the statues are proper the way they are and if all the lions were standing it would be too much activity so i think having some sit down looks more visually appealing. Lions in their own right a menacing enough so it doesn’t matter how which position they are in. My favorite monument would still have to be the Lincoln memorial because of its size and the great detail in the statue.

  10. This is a really nice post i think that the lions really bring out/represent the power that Alexander had. Answering your question about should the lions be standing up or sitting down i would say they should be sitting down. I say this because it makes him seem more powerful since the lion is suppose to be the king of the jungle it shows that Alexander has power over the lions. It also shows the loyalty that the lions have for Alexander. All in all this is a really cool piece great choice!!

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