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I was at the Cheesecake factory last week and I was impressed to see how beautifully they decorated each dish with spices and vegetables. While I was talking about it at the dinner table, our server brought our cheesecake and again the patterns made with cream and chocolate syrup on the sides of the cake made me question myself is this art? There, I was amazed again to see how art is all around us, everywhere, even in what we eat. I never thought that food would have anything to do with art. My curiosity led me to research the food art and I came across surprisingly beautiful designs, objects and even images of people’s faces made entirely with food. I was amazed to see how simple food items can be used to create such awesome art works.

A very interesting fact that grabbed my attention was that food art did not just start recently it has been an inspiration for many artists for many years. Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1526 or 1527 – July 11, 1593) was an Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, and books. Autumn 1569 is one of his paintings I really like.

I remember as a kid I hated food! I always found excuses not to eat and my mother made my food look fun so that I would eat without wining. I remember she used to put clove and pieces of carrots on a boiled egg and make a humpty dumpty. Many food companies like cereal, vitamins, nuggets etc have specially designed food items for kids. Moreover, it is a major concern of the restaurant industries, they make sure that the customers only enjoy the taste of the food but the whole dining experience, therefore, they make sure that the food not only taste good but look appealing too. However, sometimes I feel restaurants pay more attention on the presentation than the taste which means your food looks good but doesn’t taste that good.

I think food art is amazing it is a simple idea and anyone can do it. One doesn’t need a canvas or paints all you need is food and you are good to create a piece of art. I personally spend more time on the presentation of food than I do to cook it. What I really enjoy making is a flower with a tomato or an apple.

Here is a link to a very interesting food art.

  • What do you think to what extent the presentation of food matters?
  • Do you know how to make anything with food?
  • Have you ever had food that looks better than it tastes?

Mahnoor Cheema


2 thoughts on “Food Art–extra credit blog post

  1. Your first question, (to what extent does the presentation of food matter) reminded me of a recent conversation that I had with a friend who believes that in sales, presentation most always wins. My friend’s dilemma was how to execute a software proposal that a salesperson had promised to a customer would be “no problem.”’ It was the presentation by the salesperson that dazzled the customer and won the account, not necessarily the components of the software. With food and our ever diminishing attention spans, effective presentation is a necessity. This blog is proof that some marketing associate at The Cheesecake Factory has ensured that word gets out about their food art. This will both attract repeat customers who were impressed with the presentation and also draw new customers to check out what is being done.

    As a person with little artistic ability, the only creative things I can recall is making eggs in a frame. Instead of a simple round cut out for the egg, my nephew required that the shape be cut out in the shape of a sun, with the look of sun emitting rays, somehow this made the dish more appealing and edible to him.

    This is the time of year when Christmas cookies appear everywhere. Those that are more colorful and intricate may or may not actually taste better, but you can be sure they will be picked off the tray first, and in the bakery, they will be the most expensive.

    The taste of the ‘art’ can be a totally different matter. I’ve always been impressed by the handiwork of special cakes made on TV cooking shows, and I have seen some spectacular wedding cakes. I believe, though, that the taste of the cakes is not as impressive as the presentation itself. People will pay huge amounts of money for magnificently decorated cakes with little regard, I think, for the actual taste. For me, a slice of Portillo’s chocolate cake is as good as it gets!

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