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         My first interest in Action figures started when I was a little kid watching Toy Story, Batman, Spiderman, and many other shows. I never really looked at them for anything other than something to play with. When I took this class it opened my views up to so many other things that are art instead of just pictures, paintings, and sculptures. It allowed me to look at art and appreciate it and that is what I did when I saw these pictures.
            I remember seeing something about action figures that really caught my eye and it was something I have never seen before. We all have seen action figures before, but I have not seen action figures posed in such ways. We normally see one action figure by itself and in the same pose every time we see it, but these that I happened to come across were completely different. These were set up in a way to tell a story, to let you see something happening in a moment. It allows you to infer what will happen next.
            My favorite picture is the one of Woody beating up Woody. You can see so much emotion in that picture that you really stop at look at it and begin to analyze what is happening. That is what I think art is allow about trying to be able to make you really understand what the artist is trying to tell you through the paint, picture, etc… What I really enjoy about this art is that you can take one picture and it could have a million different meanings. It is all about how you look at the picture. If we all looked at the same picture, I believe that we would all have different opinions on what is going on.
            The main reason I picked this type of art, is because it is different. It takes something that you might have in your bedroom or you sons bedroom and they create art out of it. There were only a couple of the photos that I could find who made them, but that is it anyone can do it.
Here is a place you can view the photos i’m talking about.
  • How long does it take to create something like this?
  • How much thought process goes behind each set up?
  • Does this type/kind of art appeal to you?

Kevin Twarog


15 thoughts on “Action Figures

  1. Modelling clay and various sculpting tools are used to create the prototype. The actual figure is molded from a plastic resin. The harder plastic used to form the main body. Softer plastics and nylon, may be used for costume including body suits, capes, and face masks. The final decoration are paints of various colors used to decorate the figure.

  2. I checked out the link. I really like the shark attack picture, it was really funny. These remind me of a show I use to watch called Robot Chicken. Not sure if you have ever had a chance to see, it is funny. This is really amazing. I like how they are creating a scene with these action figures and capturing a story. Some of these pictures you can hardly tell that they are action figures. I was always a big fan of the Star Wars one as a kid, and wish I still had them.

  3. Funny that you chose this since this was also one of my options for my blog post! Action figures are now seen as an investment since the longer you have them, the more they’re worth. I go to c2e2 and wizard world every year and enjoy looking at some action figures that I know will be worth a lot more in a few years. I am used to seeing action figures in the way Todd Mcfarlane makes them with the usual poses but not quite like this. Do they come with the background too? Or was the bg just made for the picture? Were they molded in these poses or positioned like that? These figures take a lot of time to make since so much detail goes into each one with the modeling and coloring and whatnot.
    Good post!

  4. The contrast between these photos of action figures and the cartoon nature of the comic books they were originally based on is interesting. The photographic qualities stand out because they are not easy to achieve with the typical drawing medium. An example of this that stands out to me is the shadow against the building in the spiderman picture.

  5. Before i took this class, I also only pictured art as something that is drawn or painted art. But i know can consider almost everything art is some way. i have no idea how long it would take an atist to create something like this but I’m sure its a long process. I also really like the woody one, there is so much emotion in his face.

  6. I love this because it’s a lot of different types of art at once. If they make the figures themselves, it is sculpture and painting, and photography as well. I think all of these elements at the unique portrayal of the figures. Great pick!

    • These action figures as art are fantastic. They use primary colors to grab your attention and to give some clues as to the type of hero/villan they are. I agree with you when you said that , “you can take one picture and it could have a million different meanings. It is all about how you look at the picture. If we all looked at the same picture, I believe that we would all have different opinions on what is going on” . When you look at how the figures are posed, you can interpret the artist’s intentions. I will never look at action figures the same way agian.

  7. Nice link and I do like this as a type of art. The figures can be posed in any number of ways and a back ground added to enhance the scene. I look at it as a form of sculpture only in this case the figures are sculpted by one artist and the scene conceived by another artist. As a child of the 70’s I had many of these types of figures and they allowed for hours of play using ones imagination to create scenes and plots in my head. If anyone is interested check out this site:

  8. I couldnt open up that link on my computer for some reason but cool post. It reminds me of robot chicken too. You can even make your own little stop motion video with scenes like this.

  9. You are so right it before i took this class i never thought of how art is all around us and not just in museums and art galleries. I find these figures very interesting you are right, the moment I saw them i was thinking what made these figures do what they are doing. I found the one with the popcorn very funny.

  10. I also loved playing with action figures when I was younger. I thought this was really intresting. I think its kinda like just a taking a snap shot of what a kid is thinking when he is playing with action figures.

  11. These are so cool! I’m not a huge fan of posed photography but I think in this case it works and actually looks pretty cool. I agree with some of the other comments- the pictures do look like maybe the way a kid left them after he was done playing. Great post!

  12. In regards to the time it takes to set up a scene with action figures, I definitely think a lot of time and effort is put into these creations. Even though the objects are just action figures, they portray actual people, move like humans and have emotional features like a human would. Therefore, much like a movie scene, I believe the artist puts in a lot of time maneuvering and positioning the figures. The whole point of the piece is to portray an action or event, so treating the figures like human subjects and taking time to get it just right is important.

  13. Wow…this type of art really appeals to me, and as you wrote, it is strictly interpretive to the viewer. Artists and children at play seem to always try to recreate something. I recently spent time with my family and we recalled how as kids we recreated DC Comics Justice League and The Avengers. Somehow I was always Aquaman with dreams of someday being Superman or Batman. Sadly, only once did I land the role of Captain America. Since most of us in our gang did not display artistic talent to draw, we would go out of our way to recreate a scene and act it out, costumes and all. If only contemporary technology media had been available, I’m sure we would have shot it, edited it, and showcased it on YouTube or Vimeo. Now much of it can be recreated with much more ease, with backgrounds and stop action found online. I enjoyed this blog post, recalling fond childhood memories, so I will say absolutely yes, this art does appeal to me.

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