Childhood Torture

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Honestly, before taking this class I never paid close attention on what’s behind a work of art? The deeper we started going on in the course; I came to the realization that we see art every day without even noticing. I find it incredibly amazing to how now; I seem to be questioning myself more about art from a positive perspective. Now I realize the hard work and the creativity there is behind every work of art. In addition to this, I decided to go more in depth on paper. I find it amazing on how many things we can do with paper. For example? Paper cut outs are amazing when they’re taken to a different level.

Bovey Lee is a Hong Kong born and a spectacular paper cut out drawing artist. She expresses her views on subjects she finds interesting with paper cut outs; such as power and domination, gender, politics, and cultural expectations. I’m always been a little obsess on how many things we can do with paper, that’s one of the reasons why I chose this specific type of art. Bovey Lee’s work is impressive. The detail and creativity she puts in her work is just incredible and I must say it left me speechless. The usage of color in Bovey Lee’s work is not a big element, but without the usage of color, it puts the emphasis in the detail of the cut outs leaving it all to our imagination.

The three pictures above are from her album called “childhood torture”. There are many interpretations that could be made from these images. Maybe child abuse? Child labor? Authoritarian parents? The assumptions could be endless, but the topic says it all.

· Did you ever consider “paper cut outs” as being a fine art?

· What would you main focus would be with these images? The message of the image? Or the detail put in the image?

· What are the first emotions you get when you look closely at the images?

Evelyn Alonso


18 thoughts on “Childhood Torture

  1. That is so true, I completely agree with you I mever paid attention to any art work before and now I always look at them and try to figure out what it is made out of. What time period or culture it shows etc. This is amazing, his work is so neat and well done. When I first saw it I thought it was made of metal. Its very impressive. I know how to make a boat with a paper my sister makes a very cool frog that hops and a friend of mine knows how to make a hawk. I think its so cool to make things with a flat piece of paper.

  2. Before seeing these I never would have thought of paper cut outs as fine art, more like a grade school craft project; But these are so detailed they would have to be categorized as some form of art. Would this be called origami? Or is that just when paper is folded? It’s hard to believe that this level of intricate detail can be done with paper. Whatever message the creator of this piece of art is trying to send it’s clear it’s an emotional one.

  3. I’ve seen stuff like this before and I have done stuff like this in grade school, but never to this extent. This is completely breath taking. I think its cool that this artist saw something different in paper and created something so magnificent.

  4. I agree that I would’ve never guessed that these pieces of art were made out of paper, I automatically assumed they were made out of metal as well. How on earth does he get the pieces of paper so neatly cut in thin lines without them tearing?? I like that they are white as well so you can see all of the intense detail put into each one of these. Before seeing this, I would have never thought of paper cut outs as a form of fine art but now, like most of the things posted on these blogs, I beg to differ and will officially never look at paper cut outs the same way again.

  5. When first looking at these pictures don’t necessarily get the message “childhood torture.” I actually get a sense of happiness because there seems to be some type of animal in each picture like a bird or rabbit. I think this is an interesting type of art and is most likely very time consuming also. It shouldn’t be taken for granted but i feel like it is.

  6. I have never considered paper cut outs fine art until seeing these. I have never seen any thing like this. They are very detailed and going off the name of the “Childhood Torture”, I interpret these images as children poking fun at other children. It looks like one is laughing and the other is sticking their tongue out as kids would do to tease other kids.

  7. I liked the art of paper cut outs, but I never really took the time to see them as anything more as “cute” or simply decorative. A part of me wanted to learn how to do some of the more complicated ones but that didn’t last long. This is beyond snowflake cut outs and very interesting to see. I’ve never seen paper cut outs like this before !

  8. These are amazing. At firt I thought they were crocheted or done with some type of thread. Interesting contrast between the positive and negtive spaces. I liked the way the artist made some of the pieces asymetrically balanced instead of just a mirror image of the other side. I noticed that there is a formality to all of these pieces and in one there was a car with what appeared to be a shattered windshield. This might hold some clue as to why these are titled childhood torture.

  9. I agree with Cathie above. At first glance I thought that these were a type of string art that had been laid out then some how treated to add rigidity. I looked at each piece for a little while before I read your post to try and enjoy each one. After I read what you wrote I was able to see each one in a different light. I am thinking that all of the fine detail cutting would take great patience and a VERY steady hand. I have seen other types of paper art which I found just amazing:

  10. First of all, these cut outs are absolutely amazing! The detail put into these things are insane! Secondly I find it interesting that a paper cut outs can depict such built up anger and sadness. The images portray a sort of despair that is being built up inside that cannot be let go. Its a very deep and dark sort of emotion that I am sensing, but at the same time, the medium of paper dampens that darkness but making the subject bright and vibrant.

  11. These are very impressive. There’s so much detail in each one they’re beautiful. It must be hard making the asymmetrical ones.

  12. Love these! The detail put into each cut out is truly amazing I figured they were done with threading. In my opinion the end product ends up looking like creepy childlike doilies; nonetheless, super impressive!

  13. This I pretty cool. It looks like it would take a lot of time to create them with such detail. I would consider these piece of fine at. They show emotion and are very detailed.

  14. I love this! I’ve actually seen this at hobby lobby for a kids arts and crafts package. But that doesn’t mean only kids can make art! They are extremely detailed, and incredibly constructed! great post!

  15. Before reading your post, I initially thought these pieces were lace and not paper. It’s always amazing to see the immense detailing that an artist puts into their work. It took me awhile to figure out what the artist was trying to depict from these cut outs. The images are very powerful once you understand the meaning behind them. Great post Evelyn.

  16. I love how simple this is- I think that is what makes it so beautiful! I love that it leaves a lot to the imagination.

  17. Growing up, I recall classmates doing paper cut outs that was referred to as a craft. In my mind, this is more of a skill. These cut outs, however, are certainly artistic. Fine art? To me, yes. I think the individuality expressed by the artist, and its detail, is what defines it as art. The detail is the object of my attention, and the white monochromatic theme further emphasizes that detail. Color would convey a different meaning. At first, I had trouble grasping the concept of each cut out, so I will categorize it as thought provoking.

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