Poetic Cosmos of the Breath

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I came across a single picture of this installation while scrolling aimlessly through my Tumblr feed having no idea what it was. I merely thought it was a picture of a metallic structure that must have been photo shopped in some way or another. I clicked on the image to enlarge the picture and was completely blown out of the water. There was unfortunately no name of the installation or artist attached to the image so I began my frantic research purely out of curiosity. “What is this?” “Where is this?” “Can I go see this?” were all questions that immediately came to mind. I started typing in things like “huge metallic structure” “inflatable reflective foil” and eventually was brought to a link on Vimeo, which finally put an end to my search. This link however caused my amazement to flourish even more and now I was truly in awe of this work. The clip was a short 3-minute film of a large piece of foil like material being inflated into a breathtaking solar dome. I had finally found what I had been looking for and I am incredibly excited to share Poetic Cosmos of The Breath, an installation by Tomas Sarcaceno with all of you.

Poetic Cosmos of The Breath (2007) was an experimental piece done by artist Tomas Sarcaceno. The Argentinian artist has been creating these cloudlike installations for several years and continues to push concepts of gravity and our previous perceptions of architecture towards new heights. The piece I chose to share with you, “Poetic Cosmos of The Breath” was apart of ‘The Arts Catalyst’s’ 2nd International Artists Air show, where viewers started to crowd the experimental solar dome at dawn while Sarcaceno and his team proceeded to fill the reflective foil with air throughout the day; this gave viewers a chance to walk through the installation and actually inhabit the space.

Being both an architect as well as an artist, Sarcaceno has been fascinated by the idea of a floating city; this fascination has been the sole inspiration of his past installations as well as this one. The Poetic Cosmos of The Breath is made of giant, reflective, circular foil harnessed to the ground by sand bags on all sides. The initial release of the inflatable structure was done at sunrise to allow the sun to reflect off of the piece as both rose higher in the sky.

Here is the link to the short film showcasing the installation and its inflation at sunrise. So incredibly beautiful!

My questions for you are:

  • How do you feel about the idea of a floating city?
  • Do you consider installations such as this one to draw a more emotional response than a painting or drawing?
  • What did you think of the relation between sunrise and the inflation of the radiant foil?

Bailey Van Horne


15 thoughts on “Poetic Cosmos of the Breath

  1. Thanks for sharing this I have never seen anything like it! I thought the sunrise was perfect because no other time of day could reflect such vibrant colors. I think at times it does draw a more emotional response because it is so unconventional and it catches our attention and makes us stop and look.

  2. So many colors…i love it! it’s absolutely breathtaking but at the same time very familiar. Often times I catch myself staring into the sky and admiring that beautiful view of the sunrise or sunset and taking in such natural beauty that we often times take for granted. I love that this highlights all of those colors seen but also creates some new ones and makes people realize these colors are coming not from a paint pallet, but from the skies right above them. I do have a question though and I’m sorry if it seems silly, but what exactly is a floating city? Is it where all of the buildings are made from this kind of foil? If so, that would be awesome. Dangerous, but awesome and beautiful! Once I saw the whole thing inflated in the video it reminded me of a giant bubble. I didn’t know if I felt like popping it or living in it.

  3. I think the pure sizes of these pieces and the mystical reflections of light draw people to them. The ability to be inside the piece is another great aspect. I really like these and I would love to be able to go inside one. I think with other forms of art such as paintings you can bring out similar emotions if they were done in a certain way. I think with other forms of art you may be able to bring out a wider arrangement of different emotions.

  4. Very impressive photos, it must have been inspiring to the people who were there and got to experience the dome being inflated. My question is what type of material did they use that could be so lightweight and translucent and yet still hold air pressure?

    Interesting installation artwork; I think the pictures taken at sunrise capturing the reflective colors really made the pictures so eye-catching.

  5. This is so pretty to look at. I really like all the colors that reflect off the foil due to the sunrise and wish this was something that was done around here so we could actually visit it. I also think it would be cool to see the colors at sunset. I do think that it does have more emotion than a painting or drawing because you can actually view this and experience it.

  6. This is awesome! I think that the sun brings out everything in these pictures. The way the sun hits the foil and is able to bring out all the different color is fascinating. Great post!

  7. What a beautiful installation! I think installations like this have a bigger impact than a 2-D piece since you can walk around and experience it like a living breathing thing!

  8. That’s really beautiful. I would love to walk in it to get an actual experience! Sometimes I think about how light affects peoples emotions. I’m sure this insulation would look best in sunset because thered be so many colors and maybe during the day itd be a bit too bright. Im not even sure. Id rather just walk in it and experience.

  9. I think just the idea of a floating city is very neat. I had to take a few looks at this picture before I was able to tell what was going on. I would love to see this person. It was a cool find.

  10. This is crazy, there are so many bright colors. How did they get the idea for this? The sunrise looks amazing with all the different colors together.

  11. Very cool post, I also recall seeing pictures of this installation on tumblr a few years back. Funny how I have never read anything on it until now. Its nice to finally know what I was looking at back then. My first initial reaction to the installation was how breathtaking the colors were when the sun reflected off the surface. It almost seems magical in a way. I would love to see in person.

  12. This is such a cool installation. I would love to have the chance to photograph this …especially at sunrise or sunset when it comes alive and seems to glow with colors. I believe this would be much more of an emotional experience (as all earth works are) than a photograph, painting or a drawing. The very size of it is awe-inspiring and to be able to stand next to or inside of it would be amazing….much more so than viewing a 2d piece of art.

  13. The Colors that are created and how free flowing make me want to pay to see this. There is a little bit or dazzle and almost complete freedom of the form/shape it creates.

  14. Wow! This is amaIng! I would love to be around one of these. This is so romantic, the sunset and all the beautiful colors! I simply love it!

  15. Wow….what a cool blog post. Few things get me to motivate myself for the crack of dawn, but such an installation would. The installation elicits more of an emotional response as anything can happen during any moment of the progress and I tend to be more reflective at sunrise and sunset. I think the colors reflected from the sunrise provide a more dramatic effect than say the middle of the afternoon as I’m sure it would at sunset too.

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