Using Street Art to Embrace Art in Everything I See

3D-Street-Art-Edgar Mueller

I used to overlook most art, because I never really found it in me to take the time to truly look at a piece of art and come to a sense of understanding it. With street art that all changed. I became exposed to it online, sadly I have never seen it in real life, and I just always thought how “cool” this artwork was. I can truly say I was and still am amazed at how incredible these images can be. What I really find fascinating is 3D street art. Through something called anamorphosis the artist manages to create an optical illusion. Basically you stand at an angle and see a picture come up in 3 dimensions. The painting is so surreal, yet looks as if it is truly there. My mind is literally blown by how something is clearly fake, but can look so real. I can honestly say that there is nothing I dislike about this form of art. This type of art kind of reminds me Salvador Dali’s work. I remember looking at his art in grade school looking at the melting clocks and I thought it was so strange, but I can see similar elements in the street art.

It is truly impressive to think that one person is not only creating this huge piece of artwork, but that person has the vision and skill to create something so immense and lifelike on such a large and flat surface.

  • How can they create such a masterpiece working so closely to it, essentially in it?
  • How long does it take to make a painting that big?
  • What type of paint is used?

There is so much mystery surrounding this type of painting to me because its not like one can simply go to an art museum and go to the exhibit on street art.

I also feel like there’s no way to teach this. Obviously one can learn how to draw in a way that a third dimension appears, but you cant take someone and say here’s your canvas, paint away at this road. It really is a stunning form of art that I not only find appealing to my senses, but I want to know more about. I can honestly say I am intrigued and impressed, and I feel this is a form of art that is vastly seen, but not as widely understood. If anything I want to learn how to appreciate all art like 3D street art because I finally took the time to stop and realize the effort and skill required to create such a huge masterpiece.

Click here for a link to an article.

Andres Serritella


20 thoughts on “Using Street Art to Embrace Art in Everything I See

  1. Wow I’ve never seen anything like that before! It took a while at first to figure out what I was looking at. The waterfall looks so realistic I thought it had to be a reflection or transposed over another picture. Because this form of 3-D art is so dramatic in the way it grabs your attention I would think it will start to find some mainstream uses, maybe somewhere like six flags, or at street festivals.

  2. Indeed this type of street art is extremely rare and impressive. What I’m wondering is how sad the artist gets when the rain washes it all away. In the pictures you provided the artists use chalk to create their masterpieces and like any other artist I think it depends on the details, size, ideas, etc used to determine the time spent on each piece. Here is a link to a video showing how they made some 3D street art which I found cool

  3. Nice job Andres. Ever since I saw the first piece of this type of art I was amazed. The pieces that most fascinated me are the ones with the artist posing inside of the piece. I have found that having a person in the art work gives it even more of a 3-D appearance. I’m not entirely sure but all of the examples of these 3-D pieces that I have seen have box of chalks next to them. I have also seen several pieces from a different angle revealing just how big they really are so I can only imagine how much time and effort has gone into creating even a small work.
    I agree with Matthews comment in that this type of art would be excellent at a street festival or theme park. I can imagine walking upon it without seeing it coming, I’d take a quick step and have a shiver run through my spine.

  4. This type of art absolutely blows my mind. The thought that not only is this artist creating beautiful masterpieces but they are creating them in a way that stands out to the public eye and just calls for attention. I can only imagine how long it takes for an artist to create this type of art. I believe that artist who do these 3D spend years perfecting their technique and because lets face it creating art this beautiful is challenging enough 2D. I looked at the link and it’s sad to see that most artist use chalk for these types of drawings due to the fact that these aren’t drawing that take 5 minutes to complete. Something this big with this amount of details takes time to create and it’s unfortunate that it could be washed away so quickly.

  5. I completely understand your interest in this kind of art. I remember the first time I ever saw pictures of 3D street art, it was in a chain e-mail I am glad I didn’t automatically delete. I was absolutely mezmorized and showed as many people as I could just to see the look of awe on their faces just as it was on mine.
    What struck me the most was the unfortunate fact that most of this art is temporary due to weather and general damage. These artists devote hours of uncomfortable work just for the admiration of a few people.
    As far as what they use, I have seen many of these paintings done with chalk. The ones done with chalk I imagine only last a couple of hours which is truly unfortunate since they could only be admired through pictures after they have washed away.

  6. Great post Andres. I read an article on 3D street art a few years ago and I remember how amazed I was when I finally understood what I was looking at. If I can recall, quite of few 3D street art pieces have gained a lot of public attention over the past few years. Unfortunately, I have yet to witness something like this in person. I wonder if the people in the picture realize what they are standing on. Which makes me curious, does someone have to look at the piece at a certain angle to see it properly? Or would I be able to make out the artwork at any angle (i.e. looking out the window of that building)?

    I would imagine that artwork like this would create a lot of confusion for people who are just passing by and aren’t viewing it at the right angle.

  7. Andres, to borrow the words of Matthew Camp, “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that before!” I couldn’t help but study the image for quite some time. Of course, I had to Google Edgar Mueller to find out more. It is quite an impressive work of art. At first I couldn’t tell if the entire photograph was a painting, and if it was a creation of Photoshop. I was quite impressed to read, in Edgar Mueller’s website, that many have questioned the authenticity of his work, and although he has done digital media, this is an authentic painting. I like how this piece is interactive and I saw several photos of people deliberately posing within this piece. Edgar Mueller not only paints “large areas of urban public life and gives them a new appearance,” but he also wants to challenge the perception of the passerby. An installation this big is kind of hard to ignore without stirring thought. I also like the name of this work, Waterfall: Turning River Street into a River. I can only imagine the awe seeing this in person would stir in me. And a final comment on the artist, upon reading in his website, that he is a self-taught artist, an autodidact, my new word of the day! As such, he was able to remain true to himself and in the expression of his works.

  8. The Depth is outrageous and it creates an illusion. The foreground is wide while it narrows to the background. You can see the thickness of lines skinny as they fall into the back. There are not many open spaces and with the complexity it makes it look lifelike.

  9. I think the best part of this kind of art is that it is not possible to show street art in a museum. I think it keeps the novelty of it alive; you never know when you will come across it, and it makes it more special when it is unexpected. I love 3D street art, and I hope artists continue to challenge our expectations.

  10. I’m so glad you chose this as a topic–I really love it and I think it is such a fascinating medium for SO many reasons. I love how entirely it is public art–you almost HAVE to walk it. It challenges our idea of art being precious and something you can’t touch or get close to. And I really love how quickly these pieces disappear–they are this wonderful gift from the artist that is at the mercy of the clouds and rain! I would LOVE to see one of these in person!

  11. I really enjoyed looking at this; it looks like the mother and kid are going to fall down the waterfall. It’s really amazing and the size of the work is enormous. I could not imagine how long it would take to create this.

    Also I saw this and started googling found this and though it was the guy painting the picture. It took me a minute to figure out he wasn’t real.

    This may shed some light on how they do this.

  12. I had to look at that picture a couple times before i understood that it was painted on the ground. There are a lot of thing that i can just see pictures of and be satisfide but I think that is something that would be twice as cool in person. I feel like this can be taught to people though, maybe they had like a formula for the angles or something.

  13. I believe that 3D street art is truly underrated. This has been the first time that this form of art has been brought to my attention and I am blown away. The illusion that 3D street art gives you is so unreal! One reason why I feel like I could be a huge fan of this type of art work is because its free!! But at the same time I feel thats the reason why most people take this type of art for granted is because its free. If people had to pay to see this type of art I think t would change people’s perception and the way they treat it. It is quite unfortunate that this type of art don’t last that long because of mother nature and people touching on it and standing on it. I found a link on youtube that I thought was very interesting, its the best of 3D street art illusion episode 2.

  14. This is such a remarkable work of art. The thing I like the best about it is the fact that it is so approachable for young children. I can imagine the young boy in the picture just playing IN the artwork and pretending he was in the waterfall. For a kid to be IN the artwork like that engages their imagination and creative play, not to mention getting them interested in creating their own artwork. Well Done!

  15. I find this type of art work absolutely amazing because of the mental power needed to produce it. This is not your average 2D painting or drawing; there is a whole other dimension the artist must take into account which just shows how much of a not only artistic genius they are but also a mathematical one. Using 3D lines like those that are only found in nature and transferring it to a 2D surface just blows my mind. Very cool.

  16. This street art work had the same effect on you that it did on me. I never really enjoyed art to its fullest extent and never took the time to take in the image I was looking at. The first time I saw work like this was in New York and it memorized me. Nevertheless this is an amazing image. I don’t know if you know the answer to this but what is in the middle of the painting? Do you know why he chose to paint something like this or does this drawing have a story behind it?

  17. I have always wondered how the artists have made these works of art! I’ve also always wanted to come across one because I’ve only seen pictures. If I ever do see one in real life I would love to see if it is more or less obvious to tell that it is just art! I would also love to watch people’s reactions as they walk up to it.

  18. absolutely fascinating that you chose this picture I remember seeing this on the social media long ago it was of phase that everybody was going into the 3d Street art and it was a hit. I have to agree with you it is amazing to know someone can take a simple thing as a road and turn it into a masterpiece this must take some time and dedication I don’t think I would have the patience to ever create something like this but I am truly startled to see that somebody would have the time and effort to make something so simple look remarkable. I wish to share some links of a fellow friend that has a passion for this. She mentioned that in art like this they use a special type of chalk. Not your adverge crayola chalks. 🙂 so I believe that’s how they make the artwork. Um depending on how bigthe artwork or in this case a *canvas* is will vary the time. She says that on average to make some things to be so realistic it takes about 4 to 6 hours. this may sound like a messed up topic but I feel bad for the artist who ever makes something like this out of chalk later to know that the next day would rain and It’ll go away what would be the point of drawing something that won’t last forever? I am just saying anyways
    Again amazing picture wish to see more. 🙂

  19. Wow, this is amazing! Especially the 3D effect on a road. Its so nicely done, flawless. I seriously couldn’t tell that it was on a road. It is just awesome! I think it would have taken him a month to paint this.

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